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Why Irina Muravyova did not want to appear in the film "The most charming and attractive", and who persuaded her
Why Irina Muravyova did not want to appear in the film "The most charming and attractive", and who persuaded her

Today this actress is called one of the most successful and sought after. Irina Muravyova became famous thanks to her favorite Soviet films, but now she continues to play in the theater, act in films and TV shows. One of the most striking roles of the actress was the work in the film by Gerald Bezhanov "The Most Charming and Attractive". But initially Irina Muravyova categorically refused her, and the creators had to make a lot of efforts so that she still played the role of Nadia Klyueva, in love with the hero of Alexander Abdulov.

The path to glory

Irina Muravyova

Irina Muravyova as a child did not dream of becoming an actress at all. She imagined herself, rather, a teacher and loved the Russian language and literature more than any other subject. In general, she studied well, since at home Irina and her sister were even scolded for the "four", and bringing the "three" seemed almost a crime.

Irina Muravyova did not even attend any circles, since everything in the house was subject to a strict schedule. At half past one every day the family sat down at the table to dine and this rule was unshakable. Even when bringing her daughters to the skating rink in Luzhniki, my mother strictly made sure that the boys did not approach her girls: she ran around the skating rink and, with her shouts, dispersed potential boyfriends.

Irina Muravyova

A passion for the theater came to Irina Muravyova already in high school, when she began to actively take part in amateur performances and go on stage in school performances. But the first attempt at her admission failed miserably: she was not accepted into any theatrical university in Moscow, and at the Shchukin school she was even advised to forget about the profession of an actress. But the girl was not inclined to deviate from her dreams and a year later she entered the drama studio at the Central Children's Theater.

Irina Muravyova in the film "Purely English Murder"

She began her theatrical activity in the same Central Theater Theater, later she made her debut in a tiny episode of the film "A Letter from Youth". The role was so insignificant that the name of the young actress was not even indicated in the shooting galleries. But then came "Purely English Murder", "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" and "Carnival", after which Irina Muravyova was recognized and loved by the whole country.

Abandonment of the role

Irina Muravyova in the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

The script for the film "The Most Charming and Attractive" was written especially for Irina Muravyova. She was at that time at the peak of popularity, was in demand in the cinema and in the Mossovet Theater, where she served. The director and screenwriter of the film, Gerald Bezhanov and Anatoly Eyramdzhan, spent a very long time persuading her to at least watch the script.

Irina Muravyova in the film "Carnival"

When Irina Muravyova nevertheless read the script, she categorically did not like it. She was not attracted by the prospect of playing the role of a violent social activist in love with the first handsome man. According to the plot, as you know, Nadya Klyueva, following the recommendations of her friend, must consistently and systematically fall in love with Volodya Smirnov, the hero of Alexander Abdulov.

But the director and screenwriter of the film did not want to come to terms with the refusal of Irina Muravyova, and they did not see anyone else in the role of the main character. Therefore, it was decided to send the director of the picture, Galina Belinskaya, home to the actress.

Successful visit

Irina Muravyova in the movie "The Most Charming and Attractive"

For Galina Belinskaya, the film "The Most Charming and Attractive" was very important. In one of her interviews, the producer herself admitted: the picture was the first where she acted as a director, although earlier films appear among her projects. Galina Belinskaya told Irina Muravyova for a very long time about the advantages of the picture, and how the participation of the actress is personally important to her.

Fortunately, the husband of the actress Leonid Eidlin was present during the conversation. He listened for a very long time as the director of the picture brings more and more new arguments, and his wife easily parries them with just one phrase: "I don't like it!" Tired of this verbal confrontation, Leonid Eidlin suddenly supported Galina Belinskaya, saying very simply “Well, don't torture the girl! Don't ruin her life, take pictures! " Only after the words of her husband, Irina Muravyova nevertheless gave her consent to participate in the filming.

Irina Muravyova in the movie "The Most Charming and Attractive"

It seems that subsequently she never had to regret her decision. The film, which celebrated 35 years since its release in 2020, continues to be one of the most loved by audiences.

Irina Muravyova has always been a sought-after actress and could get any role she applied for. But in fact, and there were creative failures in her biography - some of the roles she dreamed of went to other actresses, while she refused others herself.

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