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Why the star of "Styles" Ekaterina Vilkova is called Cinderella: From the wooden barrack to the set
Why the star of "Styles" Ekaterina Vilkova is called Cinderella: From the wooden barrack to the set

July 11 marks the 37th birthday of the famous modern actress Ekaterina Vilkova. Today she is one of the most popular and sought-after artists, her filming schedule is scheduled months ahead, her filmography includes more than 70 works, this year 8 new projects with her participation will be released. But once she did not dare to think about such success - she dreamed only of warm water from the tap. The actress spent her childhood in very cramped material conditions, but, unlike Cinderella, she achieved everything in her life herself and did not look for a prince, although she did find it.

How a poor girl became a movie star

Family of Ekaterina Vilkova

Ekaterina Vilkova was born and raised in Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) in a simple family: her father was an electrician, and her mother was a watchman. The family lived very poorly, they huddled in a semi-basement communal apartment in a wooden barrack, where there was not even hot water. The girl did not have beautiful dolls and elegant dresses, she had to wear clothes for her older brother. Later, Catherine said: "".

Ekaterina Vilkova in her student years

To help her parents financially, Katya handed out leaflets. Of course, she did not even think about the acting profession at that time - during her school years, Vilkova was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, to which she gave 11 years of her life, and even became a candidate for master of sports. At first she wanted to become a trainer or physical education teacher, but she still did not continue her sports career - according to her, from childhood she loved to give people a good mood, she really liked it when everyone around her smiled. Therefore, Catherine and chose the acting profession.

Actress Ekaterina Vilkova

In the summer camp, Vilkova attended a drama circle and even then decided that she would try to develop in this direction. In 2003, she graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Theater School and went to the capital, where she applied to all theatrical universities at once. Luck smiled at her - she was admitted immediately to the 2nd year of the Moscow Art Theater School.

Debut film role of Ekaterina Vilkova in the TV series Satisfaction, 2005

While still a student, Vilkova made her film debut, and since then, several new projects with her participation have been released annually. Wide popularity came to her in 2008, when Valery Todorovsky's film "Hipsters" was released. And although Catherine got the role in which she only sang and danced and did not utter remarks, it was after this that recognition and success came to her.

Ekaterina Vilkova in the film Hipsters, 2008

Today, her filming schedule is scheduled months in advance. The audience remembered the actress for the films and TV series "Fathers and Sons", "Palm Sunday", "Dostoevsky", "Christmas trees", "What else men talk about", "Furtseva", "White Guard", "Kuprin", "Classmates", “Hotel“Eleon”,“The Last Bogatyr”,“Cipher”, etc. She managed to accomplish what she dreamed of sitting in the barracks, and the actress is proud that her professional success allowed her to help her parents buy a spacious apartment in a new house …

10 years of family happiness

Actress with her husband and child

Today she is called one of the most sought-after actresses. There were never pauses in her film career, although during this time Vilkova managed to give birth to two children. 10 years ago, she married actor Ilya Lyubimov. As Catherine said later, he simply took her hand and led her, and she "played Cinderella" - she trusted and obeyed.When they exchanged phone numbers after they met, Catherine wrote him down as "Father Ilya" - her acquaintances told her that he served in the church. It turned out that Lyubimov really not only acts in films, but also serves in the church. Before the wedding, their relationship with Catherine was platonic. Later, the actress admitted that faith helps them and Ilya in family life, because she has become a beacon for them, which they are guided by in their thoughts and actions.

Actress with her husband, Ilya Lyubimov

The actress manages to combine worries about the family with a successful film career. At the same time, she and her husband separated parental responsibilities: Catherine is engaged in the eldest daughter, and the care of her son fell on the shoulders of Ilya. The actress says: "".

Actress with her husband and children

Their family became an exception to the rule in the acting environment - for all 10 years there have never been rumors about the spouses' office romances or their intention to part ways. They are called one of the most beautiful, strong and harmonious acting couples. Vilkova is very happy with her family life and admits: "".

Ekaterina Vilkova in the series Cipher, 2019

For all her professional employment, the actress immediately set priorities for herself and put her family first. She realized that she could live without work, but without a husband and children - no: "".

Ekaterina Vilkova in the series Hotel Eleon, 2016

Ekaterina Vilkova is often compared to Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried: Russian "twins" of Western stars.

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