The Japanese conquered Instagram with mini-sculptures that he creates from what he finds under his feet
The Japanese conquered Instagram with mini-sculptures that he creates from what he finds under his feet

Creative experimentation, free from constraints and pressures, can produce the most exciting results. This is exactly what happened with the Raku Inoue series of works. Its intricate floral designs have captured the imagination of over twenty thousand Instagram followers. A perfect example of a hybrid Japanese-Canadian culture that makes one wonder if this digital work will have a tangible impact on the connection between people and nature.

Elephant. Author: Raku Inoue Panda. Author: Raku Inoue

Raku positions himself as a multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal. He was born in Japan and then moved to Canada at the age of nine. Growing up, he was very strongly influenced by both cultures, so his work often plunges into two worlds, without worrying about culture shock. In addition to multimedia art, he loves painting and sculpture. But it is paper and flower crafts that are as interesting to him as digital art. Therefore, he decided not to choose one of the directions, but to follow the call of his heart and soul, each time creating something new and original, while combining what is interesting to him.

Lama. Author: Raku Inoue Raku Inoue flower sculptures

According to Raku, the inspiration behind Natura began as a creative exercise in the morning: when he went out to the backyard to get some fresh air, he collected everything he could find to create his next little masterpiece:.

Monkey on a branch. Author: Raku Inoue Heron and sloth. Author: Raku Inoue

Each charming flower arrangement is signed below. The use of Japanese characters gives the work a distinctly oriental quality, which can also be seen in the meticulous attention to detail. Someone says that this is a cultural phenomenon, and someone claims that this is the author's personal style. But how are things really? Raku often talks about how his attention to detail comes from his obsessive personality. Focusing not on the fact that he never created something in order to emphasize the culture, let alone make it his style., says a truly talented creative person.

Whale and pink flamingo. Author: Raku Inoue Rhinoceros. Author: Raku Inoue

Instead of editing a collage of plants or digitally creating insects, Raku, with a preference for a more complex creative process, creates small sculptures to then photograph them. But at the same time, the author does not hesitate to say that the last series of his works - digital manipulations and "White Tiger" is an excellent example of this. Instead of sacrificing countless flowers, he photographed the same five flowers from different angles and did the montage.

White tiger. Author: Raku Inoue

Instagram's digital obsession with his view of the natural world is somewhat ironic. But nevertheless, he tends to believe that everyone can inspire and do something to change the perception of people, to enjoy the environment as much as possible and more often. Using seasonal plants and paying tribute to nature, Raku often gathers fallen leaves and petals for her compositions, as well as cut or broken twigs from her garden. He also makes his own composts and tries very hard not to waste the materials he collects:.

Jellyfish. Author: Raku Inoue

Many environmental artists create their elaborate natural sculptures to draw people's attention to global environmental issues, but Inoue often just creates because he feels obliged to do something cool without thinking about a deeper meaning.He tends to believe that in most cases people still project their own meanings and interpretations onto his work, which is great, because people see what they want to see. That is why his work has far-reaching consequences, which are spoken of by art that knows no boundaries.

A predatory beast. Author: Raku Inoue

Despite the fact that some people do not see beauty in a stag beetle or willow spider, Raku puts an aesthetics in such insects that almost everyone likes. At the same time, the author does not seek to change things that are unsympathetic to them. His job is not that, but to create something that could stimulate the thought process, no matter what it is. In addition to insects, he creates amazing animals, colorful butterflies, magical and incredibly charming jellyfish, looking at which you hold your breath, still not believing that all these creations are made of plants and flowers. The world of Cancer resembles a fairy tale, once in which one will definitely not want to leave its pages. Here everyone will find something for themselves: pacification, silence and tranquility, as well as a riot of colors and their combination with each other, giving rise to what is called beauty …

Buffalo. Author: Raku Inoue

And in continuation of the theme - the work of which is so amazing and ambiguous that it causes a flurry of discussions among the amazed audience.

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