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What Yulia Peresild is silent about: Secrets of the muse and mother of children, director Alexei Uchitel
What Yulia Peresild is silent about: Secrets of the muse and mother of children, director Alexei Uchitel

The fate of this actress is similar to the story of modern Cinderella: she grew up in a simple family in a provincial city, at the age of 14, after her father passed away, took care of her loved ones and achieved success only thanks to her own dedication and hard work. Today Julia Peresild is one of the most sought-after actresses, but the media most often discuss not her new film works, but an affair with director Alexei Uchitel, about whom both have been silent for more than 10 years. Only recently did she admit that it was this man who became the father of her two children, but they still bear the mother's surname, and there are reasons for this …

Challenges that hardened character

Actress in her youth

Julia Peresild was born and raised in Pskov, in a family far from the world of cinema - her mother worked as a kindergarten teacher, and her father painted icons. Parents wondered where their daughter had a craving for the stage from childhood. She participated in all school performances and concerts, sang in the Equalizer group, played in the KVN team. At the age of 11, she appeared in the television project "Morning Star", after which she finally confirmed her intention to become an artist. But in the same year, a tragedy struck, which interfered with her plans.

Actress with parents

In the 1990s. Julia's father tried to go into business, and it cost him his life. The actress found the strength to tell about this only many years later: "".

Actress Julia Peresild

Even before that, the family lived in very tight financial conditions, and after the loss of the breadwinner, they found themselves in a distressful situation. And at the age of 14, Julia took responsibility for her loved ones and began to work, performing in the evenings in restaurants. And after leaving school, she decided to go to Moscow and enter a theater university.

Conquest of the capital

Actress Julia Peresild

For the entrance exams to the Moscow Art Theater School, she chose serious dramatic material - too serious, in the opinion of the commission, for her age and type. She was asked to read something more "alive" and life-affirming, and she was offended, turned around and left. Returning to Pskov, she applied to the philological faculty of the Pedagogical Institute, studied there for a year, but the thought of the stage did not let her go. Then she decided to try her luck in the capital again, and this time the attempt was crowned with success: at GITIS she was offered training at both the acting and directing departments.

Julia Peresild in the TV series Plot, 2003

While still a student, she began acting in films, making her debut in the series "Plot", then played the role of the poet's sister in the series "Yesenin" and the main role in the series "The Princess and the Pauper". By the time she completed her studies, there were already several works in her filmography, she began performing on the stage of the Theater of Nations. But one of the most promising, successful and sought-after actresses Julia Peresild became thanks to the director Alexei Uchitel, in whose films her acting talent was fully revealed.

Secret romance 10 years long

Shot from the film Edge, 2010

She was introduced to Alexei Uchitel by Evgeny Mironov, with whom they performed together on the theater stage. The director shot the actress in several of his films, and it was these works that brought her recognition and success: for example, for the role of Sophia in the film "Edge" the actress received two prestigious film awards - "Golden Eagle" and "White Elephant".In this film, the actress looked so harmoniously on the screens paired with Vladimir Mashkov that they were immediately credited with a novel off-screen. Later, a similar story was repeated very often - Julia carefully guarded her personal life from strangers, and this only fueled the interest of the public and gave rise to rumors.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Julia Peresild

She was credited with novels with almost all partners on the set, once even Roman Abramovich was recorded as her gentleman after they talked at one of the charity events. The actress only smiled in response and said: "".

Julia Peresild and Alexey Uchitel

Julia Peresild often appeared in public and with Alexei Uchitel. He was married and to all questions about what kind of relationship they have, he answered that the actress had become a muse for him. She preferred to remain silent on this topic. When the unmarried actress had her first daughter in 2009, and her second in 2012, this again provoked a lot of rumors. Together with Alexey Uchitel and the children, they often attended various events, they were seen together on walks.

Julia Peresild and Alexey Teacher with children

Only in 2017, the actress finally decided to make an official statement: "". After another 2 years, she added: "".

Happy mother, beloved woman, successful actress

Yulia Peresild as Princess Ustinya in the TV series Golden Horde, 2018

The birth of two children did not become an obstacle to the development of her acting career. Moreover, it was after this that she began to offer leading roles in high-profile projects: "Battle for Sevastopol", "Lyudmila Gurchenko", "Mysterious Passion", "Golden Horde", "Gloom River". The actress says that with the advent of her daughters, she seemed to have opened up “another resource of strength” - now she has time to do more things for the widow. Both girls bear her last name - not because of Peresild's secret romance with the Teacher, but because the actress once promised her grandfather that their family would not be interrupted.

Actress with daughters

Although they never officially registered their marriage with Alexei Uchitel, this does not interfere with their relationship. The same, however, as the 33-year age difference. The actress admits that at the moment she feels absolutely happy and does not regret anything. And about the stamp in the passport, she says: "".

Actress with daughters

The eldest daughter of the actress and director Anna at the age of 9 began acting in films, making her debut in a cameo role in the film "Draft", and at 11 she got a role in the film "First Snow". It's too early to say whether she will choose an acting profession, but, probably, with such genes, it is difficult to make other choices.

Julia Peresild's daughter Anna on the set of the film First Snow

A new wave of criticism hit the actress after she was released new film adaptation of "Gloom River": Why Julia Peresild was afraid of the reaction of Lyudmila Chursina.

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