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How was the life of the special son of the famous singer Yuri Gulyaev
How was the life of the special son of the famous singer Yuri Gulyaev

The name of Yuri Gulyaev in Soviet times was known to millions of people. The songs performed by the singer were always heard, and his amazing baritone was recognized from the first words. He was the first to sing songs about space, and his charming smile was more than once compared to the smile of Yuri Gagarin. The performer always seemed happy and successful, only the closest people knew: he gives all his strength to ensure the future of his son, who is living with cerebral palsy.

Happiness multiplied by pain

Yuri Gulyaev

Yuri Gulyaev got married quite late, already at the age of 30. Larisa was a journalist and, of course, could not help but know the already quite famous performer at that time. But she still pretended to hear about him for the first time. Perhaps she was simply afraid to be among the thousands of fans of the famous artist. But Gulyaev was not taken aback: he handed the girl he liked a chocolate bar and a ticket to "Eugene Onegin", where he sang the main part. And then the performer for two more years sought reciprocity from Larisa.

Yuri Gulyaev

The singer was able to win the girl's heart, but the cool attitude from her parents could not be overcome. They were categorically against the daughter to connect her life with the artist, fearing that he would love only himself, and the daughter would begin to yearn and suffer from the endless betrayals of the famous spouse. But the lovers still signed, and Larisa for some time hid her new marital status from her relatives.

Yuri Gulyaev with his wife

Four years after they met, when Larisa was already waiting for the birth of a baby, her husband went on a business trip abroad. Yuri Gulyaev simply could not refuse it, because he was offered to sing in the Olympia concert hall in Paris.

The delivery was very difficult, the doctors injected Larisa with stimulants and refused to heed her requests for a caesarean section, using a vacuum instead. As a result of a birth injury, the son was born with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Larisa was not allowed to call her husband for another 10 days.

Yuri Gulyaev

The husband's parents, Vera Fedorovna and Alexander Matveyevich, came to visit the daughter-in-law and grandson. The mother-in-law looked at Yura Jr. and very tactfully advised Larisa not to push her father away from her son, so that Yuri Gulyaev felt his responsibility and helped his wife and baby in everything.

Fight for life

Yuri Gulyaev with his wife and son

When the singer flew home and saw his son for the first time, he could not hold back his tears. And, it seems, it was at that moment that he gave himself his word to raise his son and try to make his life easier. He devoted every free minute to Yura Jr. He swaddled and bathed, fed and washed diapers, and sang songs in a low voice and whispered something in his ear.

When the boy was three years old, the singer built a walker for his son with his own hands, thanks to which he took his first steps. And after that, Yuri Gulyaev worked a lot, trying to provide his son with a decent future. He did not even reckon with his own illness, because of which the doctors strongly recommended the performer to give up singing. Yuri Gulyaev suffered from severe asthma, but could not afford not to work.

Yuri Gulyaev with his son

Parents did everything to make their Yura feel better. They took him to Gabriel Ilizarov and showed him to Natalia Bekhtereva. When Yuri grew up and entered Moscow State University, he himself contacted the famous neurosurgeon Eduard Izrailevich Kandel.By this time, the young man managed to re-read all the scientific works of the professor and draw a conclusion: if anyone can help him, it is Professor Kandel. Yuri Gulyaev Jr. independently agreed on the operation, but the parents were afraid for a long time to give their consent.

Yuri Gulyaev with his son

Seeing the doubts of Yuri and Larisa Gulyaevs, Eduard Izrailevich advised them to take the risk, so that later their son, who seized every opportunity, could not reproach mom and dad for an unused chance of recovery.

The parents agreed with the doctor's arguments and, as it turned out later, not in vain. Their boy's health has improved significantly. But the health of Yuri Alexandrovich himself was rapidly deteriorating. He developed a rather severe form of asthma, the singer carried an inhaler with him everywhere.

Yuri Gulyaev

And on April 23, 1986, he got behind the wheel of his own car, drove out of the garage, felt that he felt bad and wanted to use an inhaler. But a heart attack took the life of a popular favorite.

Be worthy of the memory of the father

Yuri Gulyaev Jr. during his studies at the university

Yuri Gulyaev Jr. graduated from Moscow State University, defended his Ph.D. thesis in philosophy and today he teaches at the faculty of pedagogical education of his university. He writes articles, speaks at international conferences and for many colleagues and students is an example of perseverance and courage.

Yuri Gulyaev Jr

And Yuri Yuryevich simply cannot give up and give up, because his father did everything so that his son could live. Now Yuri Gulyaev Jr. is the same age as his father at the time of his sudden departure. He is an adult, independent and respected person. And yet he sorely misses the dad who left so early, his support, his encouraging pat on the shoulder.

Yuri Yuryevich tries to be like his father in everything. And I'm ready to do everything to be worthy of his memory

Yuri Gulyaev was friends with Yuri Gagarin and other cosmonauts, his repertoire contained many songs about space, including "You know what kind of guy he was" ("He said:" Let's go! ", He waved his hand …"). On the screens, he always looked cheerful and smiling, and fans considered him a darling of fate, unaware that what trials he had to go through, and why his life ended so early.

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