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Because of what the famous actresses Alexandra Yakovleva and Irina Akulova were at enmity for many years
Because of what the famous actresses Alexandra Yakovleva and Irina Akulova were at enmity for many years

In the Soviet Union, they were both stars of the first magnitude. Irina Akulova became famous after filming the film "The Joke", where she played a teacher, and in the career of Alexandra Yakovleva, the fateful role was played by the cult film by Alexander Mitta "The Crew". It was with this tape that the long-term enmity between the two actresses began, the reasons for which they never spoke about, as they did not arrange a loud showdown in public.

One passion for two

Irina Akulova

At the time of filming in "Crew" Irina Akulova could already boast of a serious track record. She managed to appear in twelve films, including in the "Drawing" by Vladimir Menshov, to enter the stage of the legendary "Contemporary" in the play "Valentine and Valentine" and become a full member of the Moscow Art Theater troupe. M. Gorky under the leadership of Oleg Efremov. There was already a not very successful experience of family life behind her. By the age of 27, the actress managed to be married, give birth to a son and put her husband out the door, being unable to forgive the betrayal.

Alexandra Yakovleva

Alexandra Yakovleva did not act in films before "The Crew", and she had no experience of working in the theater. But she was young, very open, talented, brave and beautiful. At 21, she, like all actresses, dreamed of fame and hoped to make a brilliant career in cinema.

Alexandra Yakovleva and Leonid Filatov in the film "Crew"

While working on the first Soviet disaster film, she fell in love with one of the crew members with all the ardor of youthful passion. The actress hovered on the wings of love, but noticed that her lover also receives signs of attention from Irina Akulova. But Yakovleva was confident in her feminine charms, especially since her rival was six years older. The young actress was incredibly happy, because at that moment it seemed to her that her love would last forever. When the actress needed to leave for several days, she left with a calm heart, completely trusting her lover.

Irina Akulova in the film "The Crew"

Upon her return, Alexandra Yakovleva really wanted to see her beloved as soon as possible, so she, without feeling her legs under her, literally flew into the room of the Yalta hotel and froze on the threshold of surprise. He was lying on the bed, only not alone, but together with Irina Akulova. The latter even reported with a fair amount of malice about her victory.

The actress was just shocked and even confused. She had never in her life found herself in such situations, and even more so she could not imagine that her lover would prefer her more experienced and adult colleague. This story made an indelible impression on Alexandra Yakovlev and was remembered for a lifetime.

Public reconciliation

Alexandra Yakovleva and Irina Akulova

For more than forty years, the actresses did not remember what happened, and when they met, they never spoke to each other, pretending to be unfamiliar. But Alexandra Yakovleva found the strength to forget old grievances and in June 2021 she came to congratulate her colleague on her 70th birthday, thus offering to bury the hatchet.

Irina Akulova

And a new surprise awaited her. As it turned out, Irina Akulova completely forgot about her rivalry with Alexandra Yakovleva and could not even remember the name of the person whom she took away from the aspiring actress. Alexandra Yakovleva, of course, reminded the former rival of the name of her lover, however, she preferred to do it so that, except for Irina Akulova, no one would hear him.

Alexandra Yakovleva

Today the actresses have nothing to share, each of them has bright roles in the cinema and several marriages. Alexandra Yakovleva is now fighting cancer, and Irina Akulova is trying to get rid of alcohol addiction. And each of them with warmth and gratitude recalls the time when the immortal film "The Crew" was filmed.

In the 1980s. Alexandra Yakovleva was called one of the most spectacular and attractive actresses in Soviet cinema. After her roles in the films "The Sorcerers", "The Crew", "The Man from Boulevard des Capuchins", she gained deafening popularity. But in the 1990s. she unexpectedly left the acting profession and built a successful management career. Since then, Yakovleva has returned to the screens only once, playing the role of an official in the new "Crew" in 2016. And soon doctors announced that she had only a few months left to live.

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