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Superheroes of Russian cinema
Superheroes of Russian cinema

Video: Superheroes of Russian cinema

Video: Superheroes of Russian cinema
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Superheroes of modern Russian cinema
Superheroes of modern Russian cinema

We all undoubtedly love superhero movies. It's nice to think that in an emergency, someone fearless and strong will shield you from the threat. But everyone represents Superman in their own way.

If abroad a superhero is a person with supernatural abilities or unknown strength, then in Russia he can be a hero with the best human qualities - brave, sympathetic, principled. The Russian superman is ready to perform feats without being able to fly, summon thunder and lightning, or recover in a matter of seconds. This does not prevent him from saving peace on earth and in space.

Evgeny Ilyich, film "Rzhev"

A film about the events of the Great Patriotic War in the Tver region. After fierce battles near the village of Ovsyannikovo, a third of the company remains alive. Exhausted to the limit, the soldiers are waiting for reinforcements, but there is no time: the headquarters receives an order to keep the village at any cost. Company commander Yevgeny Ilyich is faced with a difficult choice: to lose the remnants of the company, carrying out a senseless command order, or to withdraw his people from under mortar fire, but at the same time leave their occupied positions and go under a tribunal for violating the order. The film directed by Igor Kopylov "Rzhev" is a movie about a difficult choice, duty, sacrifice and love for the Motherland. The historical drama was released in December 2019 with the support of Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, the grandson of a participant in the Battle of Rzhev.

Dima Maikov, the film "Black Lightning"

Heroes are found not only on the battlefield. An ordinary city is also fraught with many dangers and insidious villains, from which ordinary residents need protection.

Black Lightning is the newspaper nickname of an ordinary student Dima Maikov. Faced with personal misfortune, the hero overestimates the values, and a new superman comes out onto the streets of Moscow, fearlessly protecting the townspeople in trouble and saving the whole city from the evil plans of the villain.

Grisha Dmitriev, film "Tourist"

To show real heroes and real problems of our time, the film crew is ready to work in the most difficult conditions. The film "Tourist" was filmed literally in two months on the sites of real military operations, so that the viewer could see firsthand what is happening in the Central African Republic.

Grisha Dmitriev, a former police officer, decides to serve for the good of the world and goes to the CAR as an instructor. The main character's task is to teach the soldiers of the local army the tactical basics and methods of fighting. The trip, which at first resembles a simple walk, turns into hell for Gregory. Russian instructors, together with the Central African military, repulse the bandits who terrorize the local population.

Vladimir Fedorov and Victor Alekhin, the film "Salyut-7"

The cosmos is also fraught with dangers, especially those that are created by the hands of man himself. In the dramatic film Salyut-7, the heroes have to save the planet from disaster. The space station stopped responding to signals from the mission control center. A decision was made to send a troubleshooting team to low-earth orbit. The commander of the ship Vladimir Fedorov and flight engineer Viktor Alekhin must find a "dead" station, dock with an uncontrollable object, which no one has ever done before, and fix the problems. The most difficult task of national importance with a huge risk to life must be completed. There are simply no other options.

These are the characters that become heroes of Russian films. Having no superpowers, they overcome themselves, driven by love for people and their homeland.

Maxim Shugaley, a dilogy of "Shugaley" and "Shugaley-2"

Domestic directors refer not only to the events of bygone days. Films "Shugals" tell about very recent real events. Military conflicts in Libya also affected Russia. The famous sociologist goes to Tripoli, the capital of Libya, on an official invitation with a working mission to conduct sociological research of the civilian population. But his plans are changing for the next year and a half. Maxim Shugaley is taken prisoner in the Mitiga prison, which is known for cruel torture. The scientist does not lose heart, does not give in to provocations, believes in his country and expects help from his compatriots.