Maria Aronova said that the Moscow Art Theater framed Buzov
Maria Aronova said that the Moscow Art Theater framed Buzov
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The popular Russian actress Maria Aronova, in an interview with one of the well-known publications, gave her assessment of the invitation of the controversial singer Olga Buzova to the play "The Wonderful Georgian", which was recently premiered at the Moscow Art Theater. She believes that the artist was "simply framed."

The star of the series noted that she had not seen the production, so she could not appreciate the game, but added that a non-professional can be put on stage so that he "shines". She suggested that with the help of Buzova, the theater management lured the audience there. Aronova also answered the question whether the presence of the singer on the stage offends the artists. She noted that she would first try playing together during rehearsals, and if the partner turned out to be talented, she would not understand why it should be offensive. “And if it’s not talented, but just for the hype, then it would offend me. I would say: "Okay, guys. The director has the right to left, but I will not participate in this." I personally do not know Olya, but it seems to me that she was framed. I would take it this way,”added the actress. She emphasized that Olga Buzova and singer Danya Milokhin are loved by children, they are "heroes of our time", so Aronova did not see anything wrong with inviting the singer to the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. She concluded that the show business star is brave, looks good and is not afraid to speak out, and urged to see if her performance in the play justified the director's marketing ploy. At the same time, Buzova called the performance with her participation the main premiere of the year and the main achievement of her life, since this "fulfilled the dream of a 16-year-old girl." In the production, Buzova plays the role of the cabaret singer Bella Chantal. As the artistic director of the theater Eduard Boyakov explained, the performance needed “the image of a person who belongs to mass culture, in fact, beginning to dictate the media agenda, gaining incredible power.”

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