The audience is waiting for the third part of the movie "Shugaley"
The audience is waiting for the third part of the movie "Shugaley"
The audience is waiting for the third part of the movie "Shugaley"

The network has information about the completion of the filming of a new film about Maxim Shugalei. The film saga reveals the real story of a sociologist from the Russian Federation, who was illegally imprisoned in Tripoli in 2019. Shugaley was engaged in researching the political situation in Libya, and the local authorities did not want the information he received to become known to the general public. So he was captured for 18 months.

The life of Maxim in a Libyan prison is dedicated to two films - "Shugaley" and "Shugaley-2". In the conclusion, a lot of trials fell to the lot of the sociologist: in captivity he was tortured and beaten. While Maxim was in captivity, an active campaign was carried out in Russia to draw public attention to the arbitrariness of the Libyan authorities. The activists sought to secure the release of Shugalei, and in the end they succeeded. Maxim returned to Russia at the end of 2020.

Participants in the rallies in defense of Shugaley believe that the films played an important role in the release of the sociologist. The pictures covered in detail the story of Maxim, to which it is difficult to remain indifferent. Both films immediately after the premiere took high positions in domestic online cinemas. Among the pluses in the reviews, viewers noted an interesting plot, vivid dialogues and good camera work. "Political intrigues, tense battle scenes, the intensity of passions - the creators of the tape tried to convey on the screen what remains beyond the dry news bulletins," - this is how the first part after viewing was described by the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Alexei Igonin.

According to insider information, the film "Shugaley-3" is dedicated to the life of a sociologist after returning home. Officially, there have been no reports of a sequel yet, but the director of the second film, Maxim Brius, admitted the possibility of a third part. “I have some ideas on how this could be done in an interesting way,” Brius noted earlier.

After returning to Russia, Maxim continued his active social activities. He was appointed head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values. As the head of the FZNTs, Shugaley is engaged in research work, as well as the organization of international actions, discussion platforms and round tables. The events address the issues of preserving traditional culture in Russia, the inviolability of freedom of speech and the sovereignty of any country. Shugaley devotes part of his time to charity: through the Matisov Ostrov Foundation he provides support to people with disabilities.

Returning to the country and watching the films "Shugaley" and "Shugaley-2", the hero noted that the creators of the paintings were able to accurately convey the situation in which the prisoners were for 18 months. The films were warmly received by viewers and film critics, it is obvious that the final part will have an equally positive response.

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