Selfie with a ghost: heroes of the 1980s films in the modern world
Selfie with a ghost: heroes of the 1980s films in the modern world
E.T. takes a segway ride while Hi-Man shows a master class in the gym. Author: Tom Ward

Now, when one after another old films are being shot in a new way, it is possible that it will come to the "classics of the 80s". Have you ever wondered what E.T.'s visit will look like? from the movie "Alien", if it had happened not in 1982, but in 2016? Or what would the responsibilities of a modern Robocop look like? In this selection of illustrations, you will find a British artist's fantasy on the subject.

Marty McFly balancing on a hoverboard. Author: Tom Ward Selfie at work ghost hunter. Author: Tom Ward Selfie. Author: Tom Ward

British illustrator Tom Ward combined his love of cinema with his graphic design skills to create this small but very positive series of "Eighties reload" prints. "In my heart, films and TV shows from the 1980s have a special place, so I wanted to do something with these images," says Tom Ward. - "At first I just started drawing characters familiar to me from childhood, and then I began to place them in today's conditions, and it seemed interesting to me. Although, to be honest, I was just looking for excuses for myself why I want to draw Hi-Men."

A robot picks up a plastic bottle from a short circuit. Author: Tom Ward The Triminator is looking for alternative ways to get his message across. Author: Tom Ward Robocop will check who is breaking the speed limit. Author: Tom Ward Karate Kid, dancing Gangam style. Author: Tom Ward

Polish graphic designer Sebastian Pytka also focuses on modern life in his works, which is true, pulling all problematic and controversial points out of it. In our review "In the shackles of Facebook"you can see his provocative work.

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