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Where did the rumors come from that there are many ghosts in the Moscow metro?
Where did the rumors come from that there are many ghosts in the Moscow metro?

Every month this train passes the ring road, stopping at every stop, but its doors are rarely opened. The train differs from the others - it is old, it is driven by a machinist in pre-war uniform, there are several passengers in the carriages in the same old clothes. If the carriage opens the doors, then you can enter it, but you will not be able to get out, because this train is a ghost, and its passengers are the souls of those walled up within the walls of the metro. This is one of the most widespread legends that have frightened passengers of the Moscow metro for decades. Where do these rumors come from and is it true that there are people who have seen ghosts in the Moscow "subway".

The lack of sunlight, the vast territory of the dungeon is the best way to keep some sinister secrets. A little imagination is enough and one can imagine that the souls of the dead now and then roam the underground corridors and frighten the metro workers and passengers. Of course, most of all the legends, if not fiction, then definitely appeared thanks to those who love to tickle the nerves of themselves and those around them, and even have a rich imagination and creative approach. But how lively and interesting the legends are, especially those with some real historical foundations!

There are a lot of legends explaining the appearance of this or that ghost in the subway

The Moscow metro is one of the most outstanding and beautiful structures of this kind in the world. Real underground palaces, for the construction of which they obviously did not spare either money or time, surprise hundreds of thousands of passengers with their beauty every day, and at night they organize excursions in the metro, because there is definitely something to show. Moreover, tourists are surprised not only by the mosaic "Kievskaya Ring" and "Komsomolskaya", painted and decorated with semiprecious stones "Mayakovskaya" or bronze statues on the "Revolution Square". A huge number of legends, traditions and those who have become a symbol of a particular station make the Moscow Metro alive, attractive and exciting - an independent object that has a soul, views on certain events and emotions.

Despite the fact that metro workers most often deny that there are any paranormal phenomena underground, at their workplaces, those whom they transport to their destination claim that there are ghosts in the metro. To prove this, there are even photos and videos that are walking around the network in huge numbers. Transparent figures frozen on the roadways, hundreds of witnesses who watched the ghost with their own eyes - all this adds to the mystery of the underground tunnels, which are always crowded.

Entering the kingdom of Satan

The Internet is full of similar photos

On the one hand, there are no questions at all about why, where it is dark and deep, ghosts can appear, it seems that this is the place for them, but not every mine is associated with so many legends. So why do ghosts like it so much in the Moscow metro? There are several versions explaining this. Moreover, the first of them was expressed even before the metro appeared. And this version, despite the fact that it was accused of mossiness, seems to be the most comprehensive - the place is only dead underground, because there is so much going on there that is not clear and unpleasant for the living.

Engineer Titov proposed to build an underground railway, there was no question of a modern scale, the project proposed to connect the Kursk railway station with Lubyanskaya square. This was before the revolution. But those in power and did not want to hear anything about such an undertaking. At the official level, it was refused, with the wording, they say, that what is underground is from Satan and Orthodox Christians cannot go down there, at least alive. Plus, it's full of ghosts that feel right at home.

This fact was later used by the Bolsheviks to denigrate the tsarist power, they say, they fooled the people, using their ignorance and superstition, preventing them from using convenient underground transport, stifling progress and putting obstacles in front of progressive undertakings.

Photos from the dungeon are creepy

However, the Moscow metro is quite closely connected with the other world, even if you do not consider its mines the kingdom of Satan. Under Catherine II, cemeteries began to be massively disposed of in Moscow, which now and then found themselves in the center of buildings and residential quarters. It is quite a traditional practice for actively growing settlements. For obvious reasons, houses were not built on the site of graveyards, but they were equipping squares and parks. When they began to lay the metro, these islets without building were started up for the construction of metro stations. So it turned out the entrance to the satanic dungeon. Even the most pragmatic person, far from superstition, will feel a little uncomfortable knowing such details.

By the way, experts in engineering biolocation studied geopathogenic zones in the capital, and it turned out that many of them coincide with the territories of the former cemeteries. If a road passes at this place, then accidents occur more often here, and drivers often see white figures, trying to bypass which, drive into the oncoming lane, creating emergency situations. The fact that the place of former cemeteries is a place of concentration of otherworldly energy can be considered a proven fact. Is this a sufficient reason to consider some metro stations a place of accumulation of otherworldly forces?

Users actively share such photos with each other

Ufologists argue that death is only the destruction of the biological component of a person - his body, and energy, information about him is stored as a clot and sometimes even has independence. If initially it possesses the reserves of its owner's energy, then, having felt its lack, it can come to the living to replenish it. It is these clumps of information that meet with the living and are taken by them for ghosts. Although, after all, ghosts come to the living in order to scare and arouse them - to feed themselves with energy and they do it very well.

During the Soviet period, and in particular during the construction of the Sokolnicheskaya, Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya, Zamoskvoretskaya lines, burials were found every now and then. However, given that the case took place on the territory of the former cemeteries, this was nothing special. The builders buried the human remains back. Is it not for this reason that those whose resting place was destroyed are now knocking on the windows of the carriages, striving to step on the escalator, or even push it under a running train, incite the living to commit suicide. After the end of the Soviet era, all human remains found both during the construction of the metro and other facilities are not only buried elsewhere, but also done in compliance with religious customs. However, how many of these disturbed remains in the Moscow metro are difficult to even imagine.

Sokol station

Falcon Station is considered to be one of those with the most ghosts. There used to be a cemetery where soldiers who died in the First World War were buried. Those who fought for the Whites and were shot in 1918 after armed clashes were also buried here. By the way, the shooting took place right there. The cemetery was eventually removed, on this place a square and a huge cross arose, reminiscent of the events of those years.

The metro passes in the immediate vicinity of the devastated cemetery, passengers who do not even know about this story often say that an oppressive state arises near this station, drivers often feel a prying glance on their backs when they pass this station. Workers monitoring the health of the tracks often notice translucent figures on the road, especially in the early hours.

A case was officially registered when the driver stopped the train and gave the dispatcher information that a woman dressed in white was standing on the tracks. After the train stopped, the woman literally melted into thin air, the driver and his assistant were fired after this incident, having been declared unfit for work underground for health reasons.

It is noteworthy that in the park itself, where the cemetery used to be, nothing paranormal happens. And the resting townspeople feel quite relaxed. All the most "interesting" is going on underground in the same place. Not otherwise than the kingdom of Satan.

Accidents and new anomalies

Another version that explains the appearance of ghosts and other entities in the subway is accidents. Allegedly at the moment of a catastrophe and the death of a person, a powerful release of energy and information occurs, forming the very clot that was mentioned above. Moreover, the room in which this happened, as it were, stores information, so the walls of the metro store in themselves data about certain sad events that took place here.

Such anomalies, associated with the fact that a place has a memory, is most often seen at the Aviamotornaya station. And this place actually had something to remember. In the winter of 1982, an accident occurred on the escalator due to faulty brakes and other problems. As a result, eight people died on the spot, another three dozen were injured. Almost all the victims suffocated due to the crush - they ended up at the bottom when the mechanism broke down and those who were driving alongside fell on them. In total, about a hundred people took part. However, rumors spread throughout the capital that the escalator literally chewed on passengers, ripping off their limbs. And this fake legend is still believed.

Judging by the fact that at this station they see ghosts without arms and legs, allegedly referring to this accident, some have too violent imagination, because all the victims did not have any external injuries.

About 40 people were injured in that accident

Binding to a place supposedly haunts those who have already left for another world, but still continue to appear at work, even if in the form of a ghost. So, there is a legend about a trackman who still bypasses his possessions, despite the fact that he died a couple of decades ago. What does not allow the soul to calm down is not known.

His other colleague is even more famous - the Black Machinist, allegedly the driver of the train burned down during the accident, but saved the passengers, albeit at the cost of his own life. The metro management, instead of recognizing his act as heroic, blamed him for the accident. Therefore, the ghost of the driver cannot find rest, but seeks justice, wandering through the dark underground tunnels and frightening those who meet him on the way.

Such stories are constantly replenished, because the metro, being a place of increased danger, is filled with hundreds of thousands of different people every day. There are various variations of the story of a girl whose ghost is constantly thrown in the way. Allegedly, a young student was returning home late in the evening and several drunken men stuck to her, fleeing from them, she jumped on the way, since then frightening the belated travelers with her silhouette. He especially dislikes drunken men.

Time shifting

Many anomalies are attributed to a time shift

Often, trying to explain where certain phenomena come from, which ordinary people call ghosts, they talk about time shifts. Allegedly, as a result of a violation of spatial unity, different time intervals are superimposed on each other.Here one cannot but recall the story of Alexander Ushakov, who wrote about the events of 1999 that allegedly happened to him when he was driving from Izmailovsky Park to Pervomaiskaya.

The train did not have time to leave the tunnel, when suddenly the light turned off, the car was shaken by a shock, as if an earthquake had begun. Suddenly, the passengers saw the sun, forest, people, horses with riders, and dressed in military uniforms from the period of the Civil War, appeared. The sound of shots, the neighing of horses and the screams of the military - all this instantly became a reality. The passengers felt the breath of the horses, everything was so real and close. Everything disappeared as quickly as it appeared - the picture disappeared, and the passengers saw that the clock was 50 minutes behind.

Experts have long been interested in this phenomenon, and explain it by the fact that the energy of the earth plays the role of a bridge through which you can go from one time space to another. When a person is underground, these bridges and transitions to another space are felt more clearly. True, a person has not yet learned how to use them for his own good, and the unknown always scares.

Stations are ghosts

Abandoned stations attract adventure lovers

These are quite existing, but no longer fulfilling their direct purpose stations, often frighten metro passengers. Not surprising, because they are a complete mystery. The constantly changing traffic intersection forces the system of underground stations to be changed: new ones are being built, some old ones become unnecessary.

Stations closed to passengers, unfinished or abandoned, in front of which trains slow down, and passengers see empty halls, in fact, make a frightening impression. There are quite a few of them, during the construction of the metro there were many temporary stations that worked until the main one was completed. After the latter were put into operation, the temporary stations began to be converted into utility warehouses, but at the same time the external design of the stations was preserved. Hence the effect of ghost stations, which frighten with their emptiness.

One of these stations "Sovetskaya", which was designed back in 1930, was supposed to become part of the Gorky radius, but already during the construction it became clear that it would not be possible to build a full-fledged station on this site - the slope was not the same. Stalin ordered to make a civil defense headquarters here, now it is a refuge for state and municipal employees, whose offices are located nearby.

Most of the abandoned stations are used for economic purposes

The station "Pervomayskaya", although originally built as a temporary one, was erected with a special glamor. In the Soviet era, they generally liked to build extremely pompous stations - as a symbol of Soviet greatness and technical progress. So "Pervomayskaya" was built on a grand scale. There is a lobby on the surface, inside there are unique chandeliers and a bas-relief. However, this impermissible luxury was removed after the station was converted into a repair depot and an assembly hall for the workers of this depot.

The Kaluga station was also taken over, despite the fact that its design was also the embodiment of the Khrushchev era. Now there is a warehouse, a place for the depot employees to rest. Some ghost stations are used not only for economic, but also for artistic purposes. For example, making a movie is much easier in an empty lobby of an abandoned station than on a working platform. Therefore, ghost stations often appear in films.

There is a common phrase that you need to be afraid of the living, not the dead. To paraphrase a little, we can say that ghosts in the metro are far from the most dangerous thing that can be encountered, rather exciting and mysterious, which traditionally attracts adventure seekers.

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