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Sisters of Princess Diana: How the Fates of Sarah McCorkodale and Jane Fellowes Developed
Sisters of Princess Diana: How the Fates of Sarah McCorkodale and Jane Fellowes Developed

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died, tragically dying in a car accident. And for more than 20 years, Lady Dee's sisters Sarah McCorkodale and Jane Fellowes rarely appear in public. However, William and Harry, sons of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, as it turned out, always maintained a relationship with their mother relatives. Both sisters of Princess Diana appeared in the official photo taken on the day of the christening of the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Sarah McCorkodale

The future princess (right) with her father, sisters and brother

Elizabeth Sara Lavinia was born in 1955 and became the first child of Edward John Spencer and his wife Frances Ruth Roche. Sarah was 14 years old when her parents divorced, and four children stayed with their father.

It was Sarah who had every chance of becoming the Princess of Wales, because she met Prince Charles back in the late 1970s. For some time, Sarah and Charles were constantly seen together, some publications already spoke with confidence about the upcoming wedding.

Sarah Spencer and Prince Charles

But Sarah in one of her interviews had the imprudence to say that she didn’t care who to marry: a prince or a scavenger. The main thing is that she has feelings for him. And she told the same journalists James Whittaker and Nigel Nilsson about the many fans who were present in her life before Prince Charles, did not forget to mention her problems with alcohol and anorexia.

Sarah Spencer and Prince Charles

Not only Prince Charles himself, but also all representatives of the royal family did not like this formulation of the question. Charles pointed out the mistake to his friend and decisively broke off relations with her. Soon he decided to pay attention to Diana, whom he already knew by that time. Sarah did not indulge in despondency for too long: in May 1980, she was legally married to Neil Edmond McCorkodale, from whom she subsequently gave birth to three children.

Sarah Spencer and Neil Edmond McCorkodale's wedding

Sarah McCorkodale, according to the testimony of the royal expert Judy Wade, has always enjoyed the confidence of her younger sister. Lady Dee trusted Sarah with her secrets, shared her experiences and problems in relations with her husband.

Jane Fellows

Future Princess Diana at the wedding of her sister Jane and Robert Fellows

Cynthia Jane was two years younger than Sarah and was very close to her older sister throughout her life. Unfortunately, the relationship with the younger was not very good.

The point was that Jane had always had a relationship with the royal court. At first, the Duke of Kent Edward, the cousin of the Queen of Great Britain, became her godfather, and when the girl turned 21, she married Robert Fellows, who was destined to become the personal secretary of Queen Elizabeth II in the future.

Jane Fellows, Ruth Raj, Princess Diana and Sarah McCorkodale

Diana's relationship with Prince Charles began after a weekend in 1980 at Balmoral Castle, the Scottish residence of the Fellowes. After Jane lived with her husband and three children in Kensington Palace, next door to her younger sister.

Jane and Robert Fellowes

When serious problems arose in the family of Diana and Prince Charles, Robert Fellowes had already taken the position of the Queen's personal secretary. Lady Dee began to suspect that her sister Jane's husband was involved in wiretapping and spying on her.A conflict flared up between Diana and Robert, in which Jane, caught between two fires, did not want to participate under any circumstances. She simply stepped aside, giving the right to understand the situation to the conflicting parties themselves.

But Diana did not like this position of her sister. Surely, she expected support from Jane, which she did not receive. As a result, Diana and Jane practically stopped communicating in the early 1990s.

Life after Diana

Princess Diana with her sisters

When it became known about the death of Princess Diana, Sarah McCorkodale and Jane Fellowes, along with Prince Charles, took the body of her sister in Paris. Reporters then began to literally besiege Sarah in the hope of getting her interview. However, Diana's older sister firmly decided to remain silent and broke this vow only ten years later, when she testified about what happened during the investigation of the car accident.

Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. Jane Fellows, Mrs. Frances Shand-Kidd (mother of sisters) and Sarah McCorkodale. They are followed by Eleanor and Laura Fellowes

Jane Fellows took the same position, preferring not to comment on the death of her younger sister. In addition, Jane felt very guilty in front of Diana, because the sisters did not have time to make up. Now nothing could be fixed.

Sarah McCorkodale Jane Fellowes

Subsequently, Sarah McCorkodale became the head of the Princess Diana Memorial Fund, which over 15 years of its existence has provided assistance to charities in the amount of over 112 million pounds. In addition, Sarah served as High Sheriff of Lincolnshire County during 2009, where she lives in the village of Stoke Rochford with her family. Jane Fellows, after the death of Lady Dee, devoted herself entirely to family and children.

Jane Fellows and Sarah McCorkodale at the baptism of Prince Harry's son

Both of Princess Diana's sisters maintain a relationship with their nephews, William and Harry. They attended the weddings of both, with Jane giving a commemorative speech in memory of Princess Diana during the wedding of Prince Harry. In July 2019, Sarah and Jane attended the christening ceremony for Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

22 years ago, on the night of August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident in the center of Paris. She was so popular and loved by the people that she earned the nickname "queen of hearts", and her tragic death haunts the British to this day. The circumstances of this car accident were so strange that they raise doubts about the official version of what happened. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, several scandalous investigations were made public, which caused a lot of noise not only in Great Britain, but also abroad.

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