Homeless cats from all over the world in street photos by a Japanese photographer
Homeless cats from all over the world in street photos by a Japanese photographer

Japanese Masayuki Oki is not an ordinary street photographer. After all, instead of photographing street style, cityscapes or architecture, his lens is aimed at cute fluffy Tokyo wanderers. Armed with a Canon EOS-1D X camera, Masayuki follows in the footsteps of stray cats. His mission is to capture every street feline in the world. The most interesting photographs of tailed beasts from the collection of the famous photographer further.

Masayuki's photographs have already gathered a solid fan base. The Japanese photographer has two hundred thousand followers on his Instagram account. Every day he uploads beautiful pictures of cute street purrs who can rest, relax, fool around, sometimes fight, hug. This is a completely new and truly wonderful light world!

It's so cute! Oh! What is this thing? Yes, what is this thing? Dead leaf?

Masayuki's collection of photographs is breathtaking. His homeless cats from the land of the rising sun fill the heart with indescribable warmth. They give unforgettable bright emotions that people need so much in this boring sometimes insane whirlpool of life.

Well, something like that, eh!

Masayuki Oki was born in Kobe and now lives in Tokyo. There he spends his days, sometimes even nights, in search of street tramps from the family of cats, which can be photographed. This whole story began in 2013. Masayuki was then resting during his work break.

Met a relative! The catch of the day Living sculpture

“I was just relaxing on a park bench near my office. I was suddenly fascinated by one cat. I photographed her. This fascinated me so much that I started photographing all the cats in this park. Then I decided to post my photos to Instagram. I did not even expect such attention and success. Seven years have passed since then, and I still love to do it."

The cats look like they are filming a martial arts movie

Masayuki has traveled half the world! He traveled all the cities from Tokyo to Houghton in Taiwan. He has been to Hong Kong and Istanbul. Everywhere the photographer went, he took pictures of stray cats. Lockdown briefly slowed his travels due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now Masayuki only dreams of resuming his amazing mission again. He can't wait to be able to photograph street cats all over the world again once this is finally over.

This is a fox temple, but in principle, it will come down

Today the Japanese photographer has already made a name for himself. He has published a dozen commercial photo books that have appeared in various Japanese magazines and on television.

Everyone needs to be hugged sometimes The cats look like they are bowing to each other. Although, they are Japanese

“Actually, I am not very well versed in the art of photography. I'm only good at shooting cats,”Masayuki joked. “I also think cats are incredibly photogenic,” added the photographer.

Come on … Hug me …

“Before, I was captivated by the stereotype that cats are lazy and dumb. They sleep all day and don't care about their surroundings at all. This was until I picked up the camera. Everything has changed radically."

"I love my pole." "Why did you wet me?"

“I realized that these cute furry animals have extremely deep emotions, their own expressions and gestures. I was also surprised to discover that their relationship is as difficult as ours as humans. Each cat is a bright personality. A personality with its own unique character."

This is the pose! It looks like a picture

The very case when you begin to understand and appreciate the personality of every cat you meet. This is actually something very special for the animal photographer.

Where does one end and another begin?

“All these absolutely amazing crazy expressions of cat faces and their inimitable emotions are the driving force behind my creativity. I want to capture them all on camera!"

The mimimeter is broken! Cat hugs Yoga pose "chest meets the sun."

Masayuki also says that he is extremely happy that people from all over the world have appreciated his work. Many people write such warm, approving comments on his Instagram account. “I want to make all cat lovers in this world happy with my pictures,” he concluded.

It's a snake!

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