Funny dog ​​came up with a "trick" and spoils group photos of his family
Funny dog ​​came up with a "trick" and spoils group photos of his family

It often happens that people try to make a presentable pretentious group photo so that they have something to post on social networks … But someone starts making faces, grimacing and fooling around. Probably everyone has such friends. It's the same with dogs. A dog named Kiko loves to stand out in group shots. She even developed her own special "trick". When her family poses for the camera, she always twists her head in a weird way. The cutest and funniest photos of the mischievous Kiko and her flock, further in the review.

The dog does not turn its back, ignoring the photographer. She poses with her head thrown back and showing her face. It reads like this: "But how can I still bend!"

This is how I can!

This can be considered very bad behavior. Kiko's friends seem to be quite happy with her pranks. At least judging by the photos!

There is no condemnation on the faces of the neighbors

"Three red dogs are Finnish Spitz", - the happy owner Ashley MacPherson introduced to her pets. “We have Mika, who is three years old. Another ginger dog is Tofu. She is Mika's daughter, she is only one and a half years old. The latest redhead is Kiko, who is 9 months old and loves to be mischievous in this way. She is also Mika's daughter. These are just amazing dogs, impudent … In this they are very similar to cats. They are very talkative and have a lot to say. These are small dogs with a huge soul and a cheerful disposition."

A family Mother and sisters

The white dog is Kaya. This lady is a white Swiss shepherd dog. She is six years old, and she loves to pretend to be the “mother” of this charming company.

Kaya loves to pretend to be a mommy

“Kiko was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. She grew up during quarantine,”MacPherson explained. “She was a single puppy with no litters. So her company that she grew up with was cats. Maybe that's why she's such a strange character."

Kiko was born and raised during quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic She grew up alone among cats

The dogs have been trained to sit and pose in front of the camera, but since Kiko is still a young puppy, she often freaks out. Can't sit in one place. She is always attracted by some other business. Most of all Kiko loves to "spoil" the pictures of the pack! She invented it herself and began to do so.

This funny "trick" Kiko invented herself More than anything in the world, the mischievous person loves to be so kinky

“When I photograph them, she looks in the opposite direction. And she likes to turn her head and look not me upside down! It's a quirk of her own invention. She turned it into a gimmick, a trademark "trick", kind of ", - explained the owner of the playful Kiko.

In all the pictures it became her trademark

These dogs are truly family, and not only because of their consanguinity! They go for walks and hikes together. They walk as usual twice a day.

Finnish Spitz are incredibly energetic animals

“Because the Finnish Spitz are hyperactive dogs. They need increased activity. If they stay at home, they will just go crazy. And they will bring me down."

Every day, the dogs are actively walking and exercising

The owner trains them every day, just to teach them how to keep themselves in check. This is how basic obedience skills are taught.

“When I go to work, Kiko comes with me and the other dogs stay at home,” McPherson said. "They usually sleep afterwards until I get home from work, then we go on our second walk or hike."

Kiko loves to accompany the hostess to work

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