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5 famous Russian artists who married their fans
5 famous Russian artists who married their fans

Any artist is flattered by the attention of fans, although many of them complain about the excessive activity of fans and remain unattainable stars for them. As a rule, they choose life companions from their entourage, fearing that the fans are attracted only by their fame and star status. But every rule has its exceptions. These famous artists found their future wives among those who have long been fond of their work. But is it possible to build a strong family on such a foundation?

Roman Bilyk

Roman Bilyk and Marina Koroleva

In the early 2000s. the group "Beasts" was at the peak of popularity, and fans pursued its frontman Roman Bilyk everywhere. For a long time, he did not tell anything about his personal life. Imagine the disappointment of the fans when they learned that the singer has been married for a long time and has two children, and one of the persistent fans became his chosen one.

Roman Bilyk and Marina Koroleva

Model from St. Petersburg Marina Koroleva first saw him on TV. After that, she decided to go to his concert. According to one version, after the group's performance, the girl managed to get into the musician's dressing room and get his autograph. Other sources say that she met her idol thanks to a journalist friend, with whom she went to interview him as a photographer.

Artist with children

It was difficult to surprise the singer with perseverance - he was used to the attention of fans and behaved with them quite restrained. But this time, something made him behave differently - he invited the girl to have dinner with his company. So in 2004 their romance began. After just a few dates, the musician confessed to the girl that he was in love with her. The fact that the artist has been happily married for a long time became known only after the couple had a daughter in 2008 - before that, Roman was afraid to reveal his secret, fearing an aggressive reaction from fans. In 2015, they had another daughter. They still stay together. The singer prefers to spend all his free time with the family and devotes a lot of time to raising children.

The frontman of the group Beasts and his wife Marina

Vladimir Levkin

Vladimir Levkin with his wife Marina

In the early 1990s. the soloists of the Na-Na group were literally torn to pieces by the fans. Vladimir Levkin performed in this group for 10 years and during this time has acquired a multi-million army of female fans. What they didn’t do to attract attention: secretly sneaked into his hotel room, kept watch at the back door and at the entrance, threw underwear on the stage. Even then, the artist promised himself that under no circumstances would connect his life with a fan, but fate decreed otherwise.

Artist with his wife Marina

Back in 1992, the singer got married, the couple had a daughter, but after 5 years this marriage broke up. A year later, he began an affair with a colleague - the soloist of the "Hi-Fi" group Oksana Oleshko, which also lasted 5 years. This relationship did not stand up to a serious test - in 2003, the artist learned that he had cancer of the lymphatic system. For some time he had to fight the disease alone, but soon he met a woman who gave him new strength and the desire to continue the struggle.

Musician with his wife and daughter

Actress Marina Ichetovkina has been a fan of the Na-Na group since childhood, at the age of 11 she announced to her mother that she would marry Levkin.Then she could not even imagine that one day she would not only meet with her idol, but also become for him a new meaning of life. Once, after a concert, she approached the singer and admitted that she was in love with him from the age of 11. Then he was not impressed by these words - he heard this from female fans almost every day. The next time they saw each other only 5 years later, at a meeting between the artist and the fan club, and their communication continued in a cafe. The 16-year age difference did not become an obstacle for them. They got married in 2012, and a year later they had a daughter. The couple are still happily married.

Musician with his wife and daughter

Ivan Krasko

Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel

Unfortunately, the feelings of female fans do not always turn out to be sincere and often arouse suspicions that girls are guided by mercantile considerations and seek to bask in the glory of their chosen ones. It was in this that the acquaintances suspected the young chosen one of the famous actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Krasko. The aspiring provincial actress Natalya Shevel was 60 years younger than him, and no one believed in the sincerity of her feelings, except for the actor himself. At that time, he was already 84, and she was only 24 years old. She was his student and a fan of his work.

Wedding of Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel Actor with wife

For Ivan Krasko, this was the fourth marriage. He did not hide the fact that he wanted to help his chosen one in her acting career, which made his relatives consider this the main goal of his fan, who decided to marry him. This marriage lasted only 3 years. The couple did not hide their relationship, regularly participated in talk shows, but this did not contribute to the growth of the popularity of the aspiring actress. This story ruined her reputation and turned her into a yellow press heroine. As a result, the couple divorced in 2018. After that, the actor admitted that this marriage was for him a kind of "experiment for pedagogical purposes."

Actor with wife

Fedor Lavrov

Actor Fyodor Lavrov with his wife Elena and children

The famous modern actor Fyodor Lavrov, the son of Honored Artists of the RSFSR Nikolai Lavrov and Natalia Borovkova, grew up behind the scenes of the theater and followed in the footsteps of his parents. His acting career began in the mid-1990s, during the crisis in the cinema, and he did not achieve success in the profession right away. Only 10 years later, he began to actively act in films, and at the same time studied music, performing with the St. Petersburg group "Chervontsy".

Actor with family

While still at school, he met his future wife, at the age of 19 he became a father, but the early marriage did not last long. After the divorce, the actor had several novels and marriages with colleagues, but they did not bring him happiness. Once friends introduced him to a girl named Elena, who confessed to him that she was not familiar with his film works, but is an ardent fan of the Chervontsy group. They started dating, and soon got married. Elena received a law degree and had nothing to do with the world of show business, which made Fedor very happy. On this occasion, he said: "". The couple had two children, they are still happily married.

Actor Fyodor Lavrov with his wife Elena and children

Marat Basharov

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova

Actor Marat Basharov was credited with many novels, he tried several times to build a family, but all these attempts were unsuccessful. Once on social networks, his 25-year-old fan Yelizaveta Shevyrkova wrote him a message: "". The perseverance of the fan of the actor did not frighten, besides, he really liked her photos. He decided to invite her to his performance, but that was all then - at that time he had a relationship with actress Ekaterina Arkharova, whom he married in 2014. Soon a scandal broke out: the couple broke up due to the assault of the actor.

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova Artist with his wife and son

After a divorce from his wife, Basharov again began to communicate with Elizabeth, and this time their relationship developed very rapidly. In 2016, the couple had a son, and a year later they got married. At first, everything was like in a fairy tale, however, this marriage lasted only 2 years and broke up for the same reason - the actor again raised his hand against his wife. Obviously, he expected that the selflessly in love and devoted fan to him would put up with this.For a while, Elizabeth really tolerated this and hid it from others, but after she was admitted to the hospital with a broken nose, she decided to put an end to their relationship.

Artist with his wife and son

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