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Why did the son of the star of the film "Love a Man" consider the mother-actress a traitor?
Why did the son of the star of the film "Love a Man" consider the mother-actress a traitor?

The life of this actress was very difficult. She had a chance to endure all the horrors of war, experience hunger and eat for the first time in her youth. In spite of everything, she was able to remain true to her timid childhood dream and become a real actress, known throughout the Soviet Union. Lyubov Virolainen was looking for her happiness for a long time, but it was not cloudless either. Moreover, the most dear person in her life, the son of Yuri, considered her a traitor.

Shards of happiness

Lyubov Virolainen

When Lyubov Urozhenko married Yuri Virolainen, she, of course, hoped to live a long and happy life with him. Her chosen one served as a translator, was handsome and, as it seemed to Lyubov, incredibly rich. The family had a large subsidiary farm in a village near Leningrad, and there certainly was no need to fear that you would remain hungry.

Hunger haunted little Lyuba, it seemed, from childhood. During the war, the father died, three small children were left alone in the dugout, because their mother was taken to a concentration camp. Lyuba was then only six months old, her sister was three, and her brother was six years old. Kind people fed the kids, but the time was very difficult for everyone. And yet they survived, waited for their mother to return. However, even at that time, hunger was a constant companion of the family. Love was able to eat enough already in her youth. And in those conditions, she dreamed of becoming an actress, starting to wear beautiful dresses, and there will always be food in her house.

Lyubov Virolainen

When Yuri Virolainen proposed to her, Lyubov was already studying in the studio at BYUDT and even went on stage in the lead roles, which Georgy Tovstonogov trusted her to play. The groom seemed to the young actress the embodiment of the dream of happiness. And the large economy did not frighten her. But the spouse's relatives did not make any discount for the fact that Love serves in the theater. She had to take care of the cattle on an equal basis with everyone, clean, wash, work in the garden and not dare say a bad word to anyone.

There was absolutely no support from her husband even after the son of Yuri was born. Lyubov Virolainen was exhausted, trying to please everyone, and in response she ran into the contempt of her husband's relatives, and sometimes pokes from her mother-in-law. In addition, the husband did not even consider it necessary to hide the presence of mistresses.

Warmth of the heart

A still from the film "To love a man"

When Lyubov starred in Sergei Gerasimov's film To Love a Man, the famous director began to look after the beautiful young actress. And she herself thawed from the warmth and care of Sergei Apollinarievich. It was so unlike what Lyubov Virolainen saw at home. She understood that both of them were not free, noticed the envious or simply unkind looks of colleagues, she was afraid even to raise her eyes towards Tamara Makarova, the wife of Sergei Gerasimov.

Lyubov Virolainen and Sergey Gerasimov

And I could not break this connection. She suffered too much for her life and really wanted simple happiness, and next to Gerasimov, the actress rested in her soul. Then he helped her get an apartment in the center of Leningrad, where Lyubov Virolainen moved with her husband and son.

Perhaps the relationship between the actress and the director would have lasted longer if it had not been for the trouble that happened to Lyubov's husband. Yuri Virolainen, who has been very active in alcohol abuse in recent years, was hospitalized for a serious heart operation.Could Lyubov Ivanovna leave her child's father in trouble? Of course, the actress rushed to save her husband.

Children's grievances

Lyubov Virolainen

It was there, within the hospital walls, that she met the surgeon Alexander Zorin, who performed the operation on her husband and actually saved him from death. It was love. The actress faced the most serious choice in her life. She could have left her husband without regret, but there remained a son and Sergei Gerasimov, who did so much for her. But Sergei Apollinarievich understood everything and simply wished his darling happiness.

Lyubov Virolainen and Alexander Zorin

With the divorce, the issue was resolved easily, but the son has since stopped talking to his mother, considering her departure as a betrayal in relation to his father. Yuri stayed with his dad. And Lyubov every morning came to the apartment, which Gerasimov helped her to get, cooked breakfasts and dinners, accompanied her son to school, fed him, and only after that she went to her beloved and loving husband, Alexander Zorin.

Yuri Virolainen, the son of the actress

Lyubov Ivanovna bathed in the love of her husband, probably for the first time in her life she experienced what real happiness is. Son Yuri did not want to thaw out and still turned away when he saw his mother, but time can heal any wounds.

Dve Lyubov Virolainen, grandmother and granddaughter

Yuri grew up and finally realized that his mother has the right to the simplest female happiness. Yuri Virolainen Sr. passed away for a long time, and the husband of the actress Alexander Zorin also died. But Yuri Virolainen Jr. already has a daughter, whom he once called Love in honor of his mother. And she followed in the footsteps of mom, dad and grandmother, becoming, like them, an actress. Lyubov Virolainen Jr. inherited not only the talent, but also the beauty of her famous grandmother.

Tamara Makarova, the wife of Sergei Gerasimov, of course, guessed about her husband's hobby, but she wisely preferred to remain silent. If Sergei Gerasimov was called the main director of Soviet cinema, then she was the first lady, the domestic Greta Garbo, a woman of mystery. She became a real legend of cinema and the object of adoration of thousands of fans, but in her declining years she had to fight the blows of fate alone, which fell on her one by one.

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