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Separator or a woman who is looking for happiness: Who is she - Actress Anastasia Makeeva
Separator or a woman who is looking for happiness: Who is she - Actress Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasia Makeeva is one of the most beautiful and brilliant women in Russian show business. She acts in films, plays in the theater, sings on stage, acts as a TV presenter and model. Her career developed quite quickly, to the envy of many. Her first significant work, which brought her popularity and love of viewers, was the series "And yet I love." After that, her career quickly went uphill, but in her personal life, not everything is going so smoothly. Despite the fact that this year Anastasia will turn forty, she still has not found a quiet and calm female happiness, although there were many novels in her life. The relationship in which the actress is now is shrouded in scandals and intrigue, so there is a great chance that this time Anastasia chose the wrong man.

How Anastasia Makeeva became a TV personality

Since childhood, Anastasia decided to connect her life with creativity. Her father was the leader of a vocal and instrumental ensemble in Krasnodar, with which little Nastya soon went on stage. A little later, she began to sing in a school quartet. The girl grew up a real beauty, so she was a frequent participant in various beauty contests. At seventeen, the girl won the Miss Krasnodar contest. After him there were participation in international competitions. From there, she also did not return without prizes.

From childhood, Anastasia decided to link her fate with creativity

Together with competitions, she received her education at a music school. Anastasia is sure that without education it is impossible to achieve great heights in any area. So, when she decided to link her fate with theater and cinema, she immediately entered GITIS, graduating with honors. Already in her student years, Makeeva began acting in films, clips, advertisements, not forgetting about theatrical performances and, of course, in her favorite musicals.

The series "And yet I love" was an excellent start for Anastasia Makeeva on television

Now Anastasia appears more often in the theater than in the cinema. On TV, she can be seen as a presenter or participant in television projects, such as "Just Like", "Three Chords" and other entertainment shows.

Relationships can't stand distances

As a student at the Krasnodar School of Music, she met her first love - Nikolai. They sat at the same desk, spent all their free time together, in general, they practically did not part. Having moved to Moscow, the girl called her beloved to her, but the capital did not accept the young man, he could not find himself and sat at home, interrupted by small earnings. Anastasia was the only earner in the couple, but her patience did not last long, she decided to put an end to the relationship.

Soon she was turned head by the Czech opera singer Frantisek Dyuryac - the main character of the musical "Dracula". The man was twenty years older than Anastasia. Despite the fact that he lived in Bratislava, their romance developed rapidly. Upon arrival in Moscow, Frantisek gave her a real fairy tale: restaurants, concerts, meeting the right people, performances at the embassy. But once, upon arrival of Dyuryach in Moscow, the girl realized that she no longer felt those emotions for this person.

runaway Bride

Perhaps the fault was the businessman Vitaly, whom Anastasia met during the selection process for the TV project "The Last Hero". The man was six years older than her.Their relationship was even and calm, perhaps this was not enough for the energetic Anastasia. Vitaly proposed to the girl, but the actress left her lover after four years of relationship. She wanted to realize herself as an actress.

Not wanting to connect fate with businessman Vitaly Fedorov, Anastasia fled from him

Probably, her close acquaintance with the director Vladimir Nakhabtsev, who was seventeen years older than Makeeva, prompted her to do this. Calm, as in past relationships, the girl only dreamed of. Not only was he a drinker, he was also a womanizer. If she coped with the first, pulling him out of the binge, then she did not put up with the second. So after Anastasia found out about the betrayal, she left him too.

Anastasia was able to get the director Vladimir Nakhabtsev out of the binge, but she could not wean the cheating

Lumpy first marriage

Her first official relationship began as quickly as it quickly ended. The actress met her husband Peter Kislov on the set of the series "Network". Their relationship developed so quickly that within a month they reached a new level of the bride and groom. According to Anastasia, she was young and stupid, she wanted more than the wedding ceremony itself, a beautiful snow-white dress, but she was not yet ready for family life.

Neither Anastasia nor Peter wants to remember their first marriage

If you ask Peter, he says that he did not have any special feelings for Anastasia, and she herself was the initiator of a hasty wedding. In any case, the newlyweds were in a hurry, and after seven months they filed for divorce. Former spouses do not like to talk about their marriage, and if they remember, they speak very unflatteringly about each other. Discussions around this couple did not subside until Anastasia had a new chosen one.

Love lives for three years

At one of the social events, the actress met the charming actor Alexei Makarov. Anastasia liked to spend time with him, he was so cheerful, light and carefree. The actress went headlong into this relationship, forgetting about herself, her friends. She devoted all her free time to the young man. But everything was fine for the time being.

Smiling and cheerful Alexey Makarov turned out to be jealous and domineering

Once on the set of a TV show in Tunisia, the actor took the phone that they had for two with a foreign number, and saw an indecent message from the composer of the musical, where Anastasia was assigned the main role. Rage and jealousy took possession of Alexei, without asking his beloved for any excuses, he hit Anastasia. The girl flew back to Moscow. Having come to his senses, he apologized for a long time, but Anastasia was adamant, she decided everything for herself. So this relationship was not destined to live long, they were together for three years.

Ice and flames

The TV project "Ice Age", to be more precise, her partner on the ice, Alexander Abt, helped Anastasia to escape from the difficult relationship with Alexei. They spent a lot of time together, participated in romantic and passionate numbers, during which a spark ran between them, despite the fact that his wife and son were waiting for him in America.

The Ice Age project helped Anastasia survive the breakup with Alexei Makarov

The novel, of course, was short-lived. But Alexander managed to help Anastasia cope with another difficult situation in life. After burying her older brother, the actress ended up in intensive care. Alexander literally left her, was constantly nearby, spoon-fed her, encouraged her in every possible way. When Anastasia recovered, Alexander returned home to his family, as if nothing had happened.

Happiness was near

Surprisingly, Anastasia had known each other for a long time with her chosen one, actor, composer and singer Gleb Matveychuk, they simply did not notice each other, although they played together in the same musical “Monte Cristo”. They also crossed paths at the conservatory, where Makeeva took vocal lessons. After experiences with her brother, Anastasia lost her voice, and Gleb studied vocals with her. A friendship developed between them, which soon grew into something more. And in 2010, the couple decided to legalize their relationship.

The seemingly perfect marriage with Gleb Matveychuk turned out to be not so happy

The wedding ceremony was gorgeous and beautiful, and at first everything was smooth in family life. They, one might say, had an idyll. Passionate, temperamental Anastasia was balanced by the calm, judicious Gleb.He literally chopped at the root of her outbursts and excessive emotions. With him, Makeeva realized that she was ready for children. After all the previous unsuccessful relationships, Matveychuk seemed perfect to her, because he did not beat, did not cheat, took into account her desires and aspirations. Fans couldn't get enough of this beautiful and talented couple.

But the serene happiness did not last long. Quarrels began, which, of course, alternated with reconciliation, but then scandals broke out again. And after six years, the couple decided to leave. Perhaps if the couple had children, their life together would have turned out differently. But history does not tolerate subjunctive time. Until now, the fans of this couple have not received the exact reason for the divorce. Anastasia claims that the mother-in-law, who climbed into their family, is to blame, as well as the eternal problems of her husband, which Makeeva had to constantly solve.

And Gleb says that the relationship between his mother and wife was close to ideal. But they soured when the mother-in-law did not support her daughter-in-law in her desire to take the place of the producer in the husband's musical. By the way, when my husband had problems in the theater because of this musical, Anastasia did not support him. But the actor and director Alexander Baluev helped Gleb by volunteering to produce this work, but Anastasia soon wanted to remove him.

Relationship with Roman Malkov is riddled with scandals and rumors

During the pandemic, Anastasia decided to renovate her summer cottage. And she was advised by the builder-designer Roman Malkov. The renovation brought the actress and the builder very close, although Anastasia knew that Roman had a wife, Svetlana, and four children who remained in Slovenia.

An affair with his ex-wife and four children

According to Roman, he and his wife have had neither love nor romance for a long time. But according to Svetlana, everything was fine with them, her husband just left to work, but got stuck due to a pandemic. She learned about her husband's romance from the Instagram star. It was a shock for her, she did not believe in it for a long time and could not come to her senses.

Six months later, Roman moved to Anastasia's apartment, and feeling like a real owner there, helping with the housework with male duties. Anastasia cannot get enough of it, because he is so attentive and caring, at last a man appeared in her house, capable of hammering a nail and fixing something.

The actress herself says that she did not take Malkov away from the family. In her opinion, a man does not start an affair on the side if everything is smooth and good in the family. So she absolutely does not consider herself a homeless person. She also does not feel remorse that Roman left four children. Considering that if love is gone between a husband and wife, then there is no need to cling to an unhappy marriage for the sake of children, because they do not cease to be parents. There will simply be more people who will love babies.

Anastasia and Roman are already getting ready for the wedding

At the moment, Anastasia is all in preparation for the wedding, because recently her new chosen one officially divorced his wife and made the actress a marriage proposal. By the way, Roman invited Anastasia to marry while still married, and she agreed without hesitation. Although scandals and intrigues constantly occur around this couple, they firmly and with a smile answer both journalists and Roman's ex-wife.

The only darkened fact for Roman is that Svetlana does not allow him to see the children. The woman gave an ultimatum that he would be able to see the children if he donated half of his earnings. But Anastasia cannot understand why Svetlana is so clinging to living in Slovenia, and does not want to move to Russia or another country with more affordable prices.

Few believe that Anastasia and Roman really have love, thinking that for an actress this is just another hobby, and for a builder, an easy and comfortable life. Moreover, now it looks more like black PR, as well as the opportunity to cash in on scandalous showdowns, both Anastasia and Roman, and Svetlana. In any case, time will tell how the fate of these people will turn out.Perhaps, in spite of everything, Anastasia Makeeva has finally found her only man with whom she will find the long-awaited female happiness.

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