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6 scary stories of mysterious dolls: demonic possession, barbie on the altar, and more
6 scary stories of mysterious dolls: demonic possession, barbie on the altar, and more

We usually associate dolls with a carefree childhood, fun and instructive games - but not all dolls are equally useful. Some of them are followed by a train of eerie and mysterious stories, inexplicable events and chilling urban legends …

Annabelle - Legendary Cursed Doll

The Annabelle doll at the Warren Museum

It's worth starting, of course, with Annabelle. Several films are dedicated to this sinister doll. However, the real Annabelle, which is kept in the collection of Ed and Lorraine Warren, researchers of the paranormal, looks completely different … And, perhaps, even more terrifying than her film incarnation.

Annabelle is a typical rag Annie, the national toy of the United States

This is the usual "rag Annie" - one of the favorite toys of American children. In the seventies, a vintage "Annie" was given to a girl named Donna by her mother. It turned out that the doll's character is restless - it changes its position, floats in the air, becomes covered with brown spots, or even attacks people … Donna and her friends invited a medium, who told that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle.

Annabelle's cinematic version is inspired by an irrational fear of vintage dolls

The Warrens, however, believe that a strong demon has entered the doll, and therefore its storage requires adherence to a number of rules.

Doll Robert: guilty without guilt?

Doll Robert

Another puppet movie hero with a creepy reputation is the doll Robert. Many urban legends are associated with Robert, he served as the prototype for the killer doll Chucky. A boy a little over a meter tall in a sailor's suit, with a faded face and wool hair … What can be frightening about him? When writer and artist Robert Eugene Otto was young, a maid (rumored to be a voodoo witch) gave him this doll. And terrible things began in the house - the doll flew and even ran, made nightmarish sounds, talked with its little master, and in his free time just smashed everything around … all this, of course, according to Eugene.

Cinematic version of Robert

In the meantime, he grew up, he had a wife, to whom the doll was also cruel … However, there is a version that from childhood Eugene used to blame all his bad deeds on the doll, or even, having a mental illness, really believed that all this was done by the doll, not himself. However, after his death, the doll fell into the hands of a girl named Myrtle Reuters and continued to misbehave. Robert not only moved around the house himself, but also moved furniture and even threatened the child. In the end, he ended up in an art gallery, where he began to behave more calmly, but he did not abandon the habit of night walks. Now he lives in the Martelo Gallery of Key West Art and History Museum in Florida - he sits in a glass case on a wooden chair, holds a rag lion cub on his knees and occasionally winks at visitors.

Mandy doll - inconsolable crying at night

Mandy doll

The story of the Mandy doll is simple. In 1991, an antique porcelain doll was brought to the Kensel Museum in British Columbia with the words, "Take it, she screams at night!" Apparently, the owner decided that the doll was crying out of boredom. In the museum, the doll cheered up and began to misbehave - inflicting damage on other dolls, stealing and throwing away office supplies, stomped at night, turned its head, watching the visitors, and stubbornly did not want to appear in photographs. However, the museum staff are used to Mandy's antics and are not going to part with her.

Okiku doll and her endless hair

Okiku doll on the altar

In 1918, a young man named Eikichi Suzuki bought a large fancy doll on the island of Hokkaido as a gift to his sister.The girl's name was Okiku - and in the same way she named her new doll, to which she became very attached. When the girl died, the disconsolate family suddenly noticed that the doll's hair … was growing. The relatives decided that the spirit of Okiku possessed the doll, and brought it to the Manneji Temple, where it is kept to this day.

A photograph of a replica of Okiku, which is often illustrated in articles about the original - but it is forbidden to photograph the real Okiku so close

Now the temple has become a tourist attraction for fans of all kinds of mysticism, in Hokkaido you can buy replicas of the legendary Okiku, and the local priest, they say, regularly cuts the ever-growing hair of the mysterious doll.

Patty Reed Doll and Snow Prison

Patti Reed doll is the daughter of the head of immigrants James Reed

The Patty Reed doll is named after its owner. A story is connected with it much worse than stories about ghosts and damned houses. What happened to Patti Reed really happened - and this is the creepiest thing. Patty was eight years old when her family, along with other immigrants led by George Donner and James Reed, went to California in search of a new life, new opportunities … Six months after starting the journey, in November 1846, the group got stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Heavy snowfall prevented the continuation of the journey … Rescuers could not get to them for several months. Food supplies have run out. Attempts to hunt and fish failed - the settlers were not ready for this. And now little Patty Reed is chewing on a narrow piece of cowhide that once served as a roof in their makeshift camp … Soon, after a series of splits and conflicts, the group will turn to cannibalism. The Patti family was the only one surviving in full. When help arrived, James Reid told everyone to take only the essentials. But the doll that served as a consolation for Patty, and was the most necessary … In the end, the Reeds ended up in San Jose and even managed to get rich. And the doll that witnessed that winter of horror found its home at the Fort Sutter Museum in Sacramento, California.

Barbie from the island of Pulau Ubin - a gift for a dead girl

The chapel where this Barbie is kept was erected in memory of the deceased German girl

All the girls in the world dream of a Barbie. Even if these girls … come from the afterlife. In 1914, tragedy struck on Pulau Ubin Island (Singapore). Singapore was a British colony in those years, and a German-born family on the island was accused of spying for Germany. The mother and father were arrested, but the little daughter managed to escape. Fleeing from the British military, the girl fell off a cliff and crashed to her death. The locals were shocked and in memory of the baby, a chapel was erected on the site of her death.

Barbie on the altar

Many years later, a man from Pulau Ubin had a strange dream - a white girl brought him to a store and asked him to buy a Barbie doll. The dream was repeated several more times, and the man decided to go to the same store. On the counter was a box with exactly the same doll he had dreamed of. Of course, he immediately bought it and brought it to the chapel - since then, strange dreams have not visited him again. And the inhabitants of Pulau Ubin believe that the Barbie doll, now standing on the altar in the chapel, brings good luck. It turns out that stories about dolls and ghosts can have a happy ending …

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