Ex-soloist of "Leningrad" wants from Shnurov 19 million for "Louboutins"
Ex-soloist of "Leningrad" wants from Shnurov 19 million for "Louboutins"
Ex-soloist of "Leningrad" wants from Shnurov 19 million for "Louboutins"

Sergei Shnurov, the leader of the popular group Leningrad, refuses to pay 19 million rubles to the former soloist of his band Alisa Vox. Information about this appeared in the press. According to the lawyer Vox, negotiations were held with the scandalous musician for a month and a half over compensation for violated copyrights, but this did not end with anything. Currently, the singer's representative has filed a lawsuit.

Roman Lalayan, it is he who represents the interests of Alisa Vox in this matter, said that he sent letters to Shnunov, legal entities and other organizations connected with him, and received answers. All reply letters contain a refusal to satisfy claims with a categorical disagreement with the position of the plaintiff.

We will remind that in June there was information that the ex-soloist of the "Leningrad" group filed a lawsuit against the head of the group Sergei Shnurov about the copyright for the songs. In particular, one of the singer's demands is to pay her 20 million rubles for the sensational musical composition "Exhibit" and another 38 hit songs. According to the singer, she does not receive any royalties for the use of these songs, although they were created in collaboration with her. By the way, the singer is fighting not only for her own interests. She believes that Shnurov is simply obliged to share his earnings with other members of the group. The first court hearing on the lawsuit will take place in August.

Recall that Alisa Vox was the soloist of the Leningrad group in the period 2012 - 2016. During this time, the group performed such hit compositions as Exhibit, Patriot, 37th, Prayer, Bag, In short, Dress and Cry. The singer left the band with a loud scandal due to the fact that Shnurov began to force her to obscene behavior on stage and frank performances. But after leaving Leningrad, Vox's solo career did not work out, although the songs that she performed at one time are popular today. Perhaps for this reason, the singer decided to fight for her interests with the ex-boss.

In turn, representatives of Shnurov say that the singer, before leaving the group, put her signature on the alienation agreement and received 1,000 rubles for this.

Alice claims that she did not sign anything, and that 1000 rubles for 39 tracks is a ridiculous price. According to her, she did not have any proposals or negotiations with Shnurov. Therefore, now she is impatiently awaiting the consideration of the case in the Khamovnichesky Court, where this case will be considered.

In fairness, it should be said that Shnurov behaved very inadequately towards his soloist. In one of his interviews, he said: “I make singers of average sewing stars. But I promise nothing to anyone. I come up with an image for them, a material. Our entire team is working to create a heroine out of nothing. " He could not resist the nasty things, saying that Vox was just a "mongrel" and a "mongrel" that he picked up in the trash heap. But Vox says that he does not take offense at him, but realizes that this is only anger because before her women themselves never left him - neither in relationships, nor at work.

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