Ex-ballerina Volochkova decided to sue the Bolshoi theater "for the truth"
Ex-ballerina Volochkova decided to sue the Bolshoi theater "for the truth"
Ex-ballerina Volochkova decided to sue the Bolshoi theater "for the truth"

The notorious ballerina, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Anastasia Volochkova, decided to sue the leadership of the Bolshoi Theater. She has already filed a lawsuit, and in the comments for the media said that she intends to fight for the truth and defend her honor.

Volochkova said she had already filed a lawsuit. “I want to make public all the lawlessness that they have committed against me for 20 years,” Anastasia Volochkova wrote on her page on social networks. She stressed that she would fight for the Truth and must defend her honor and dignity from the lawlessness that the theater leadership allowed against her.

According to the ex-prima of the Bolshoi, in 2003 she was illegally dismissed from the theater and her pension is not paid. In order to receive decent monthly pension payments, the ex-ballerina wanted to prove that she, being a prima, danced solo parts, and was not a corps de ballet dancer. But at the same time, the ballerina emphasized that she was bringing a lawsuit against the theater not at all because of money, but in order to protect her own dignity.

“All people have the right to receive payments from the state, all have equal rights. She has reached the age when she is entitled to a pension, she is an employee of the Bolshoi Theater. The law is the law, in any country. She could well start applying for a pension. It is absolutely incomprehensible why the theater didn’t do this,”the famous ballet dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze commented on the situation.

Recall that Anastasia Volochkova served at the Bolshoi Theater from 1998 to 2003, and then was fired. In 2003, the theater administration signed her a contract not for a year, but only for 4 months. After such a step, the administration of the theater Volochkova raised a fuss in the media and went to court to assess the legitimacy of the actions of the administration. In the fall of 2003, after the expiration of the contract, the ballerina was dismissed with the wording “the ballerina does not meet the requirements of physical fitness and it is impossible for her to find a partner”.

This spring, the ballerina compared the Bolshoi Theater to a brothel and said that prostitution there is a common occurrence. According to Volochkova, young ballerinas were forced to provide intimate services if they wanted to tour with the troupe abroad.

But it is worth noting that even in such a difficult and ambiguous situation, the ballerina does not change herself and pleases fans with spicy photos. So, recently a photo appeared in her Instagram stories where she sits by the fire and covers herself only with a towel. The ballerina is wearing only a black bra. The comment that the ballerina herself left under the photo is laconic - "Fire!"

And not so long ago, the ex-ballerina told her admirer to update her wardrobe and even demonstrate a new set of underwear. But the subscribers on social networks did not like either the philosophical reflections of the star or her photo. And some fans decided to remind Volochkova that she has an adult daughter, who, most likely, is embarrassed to see candid photos of her mother in the public domain.

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