Mark Wahlberg Goes To Bring Underground Empire To The Big Screen
Mark Wahlberg Goes To Bring Underground Empire To The Big Screen
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Mark Wahlberg, who acts not only as a successful actor, but also as an executive producer of the popular television series "Boardwalk Empire", got the idea to release it in the format of a full-length film.

The fans of the series were divided into two camps. The optimistic part thinks there are enough characters on the TV show that would be interesting to see on the big screen. Skeptical fans of the series believe that "Boardwalk Empire" in the form of a feature film can only be a prequel to the original source.

It is clear that the bosses of the studio will have the last word, but let's not forget that Wahlberg once was able to prove himself in the field of transferring series to cinema. The popular show "Handsome", which ended its television age 4 years ago, in 2015 will find a new life on the screens of cinemas. And all this at the suggestion of Mark Wahlberg, who, with his ebullient energy and desire, was able to "break through" the project, which for many had already left the stage. Note that the track record of the producer Wahlberg already has several serious television projects for HBO: "Patients" and "How to Succeed in America", as well as a considerable number of television films.

According to Wahlberg's idea, he sees only Martin Scorsese as the director of Underground Empire, who had already led the stage for the pilot episode of the series, and was also the executive producer. It is not yet known how Scorsese reacted to Wahlberg's idea, but in the near future the situation may become more definite.

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