Home mirrors: how to make a choice
Home mirrors: how to make a choice
Home mirrors: how to make a choice

A mirror is an additional part of the interior that brings a special atmosphere to the apartment. It always seems that choosing this attribute in the hallway, bathroom, room is very simple. In fact, everything happens completely differently when you find yourself in a store.

Almost immediately, when choosing, our attention falls on the mirrors in the frame, especially for the golden frame. This design is very attractive, but it is also suitable only for certain types of interiors, namely, modern, fusion, baroque, rococo. A light-sized gilded frame will look good in a classic or vintage room interior. A huge selection of various goods is offered in the online store. You can make a purchase based on your main preferences.

Plastic frames are successfully combined with high-tech style or minimalism. In addition, there are models with a painted wooden frame that will look good in retro, country style. Here it should be borne in mind that its color should go well with other elements of the room, so as not to get strong contrasts. Therefore, remember the rule regarding the fact that we choose a bright palette for more modern designs, and a pastel one for classics.

Pay close attention to the outer layer of the mirror. There can be two options here - aluminum or silver. In the first case, you purchase a cheaper model that reacts very quickly to various external influences, which over time appears in the form of dark spots. The silver layer is the absolute opposite of aluminum, but at the same time it has a high price.

If for other rooms these two indicators are the main ones, then a lot needs to be analyzed when choosing a mirror for the bathroom. It is important to look at the type, lighting and material.

There are several types of bathroom mirrors:

  • Wall mounted. They are installed on the walls above the washbasin. They serve as a reflection.
    • Combined. In addition to the reflection function, it is used as a storage place for hygiene products. It can be a mirror with a shelf, a wardrobe, a cabinet;

  • Built-in. Most often they are made to order, as they are mounted in the wall.

You can choose a variety of options on the site based on your parameters. Also, pay special attention to the glass layer, because there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom. It is worth choosing a silver layer that will last for a longer period of time. Additional lighting around the mirror looks good enough in the bathroom. The backlight can be of the following types: built into the mirror around the entire perimeter or in certain places, external - made in the form of lamps or sconces, which are installed on both sides.

In addition, when choosing, look at the shape of the mirror, its dimensions, additional equipment.

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