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3 reasons to choose Italian furniture Giorgio Casa
3 reasons to choose Italian furniture Giorgio Casa
3 reasons to choose Italian furniture Giorgio Casa

Famous in Italy and Europe, the furniture brand Giorgio casa has been on the market for 40 years. The furniture factory was established in Verona in the 1970s by the talented cabinetmaker, Senor Giorgio Mozzo, with an amazing sense of taste. The master was able to present the furniture classics in a new way, which the buyers appreciated. The furniture factory in Verona, founded 40 years ago, immediately acquired its identity and became a recognizable luxury furniture brand. The father's business was continued by his children: Serena, Deborah and Gianluca, to whom the father passed on all the secrets of the cabinetmaker's skill.

Italian furniture by Giorgio Casa

Today we will tell you about three reasons why you should choose furniture from this famous brand for your home!

Reason 1. Furniture Giorgio Casa: an icon of Italian style

Bedroom furniture Italy - if you have ever typed such a request on the Internet, then you are probably familiar with the GiorgioCasa brand. All collections of the furniture factory "Giorgio Сasa di Mozzo" are based on the classic traditions of Italian cabinetmakers. All furniture of this brand is made by hand from solid woods and decorated with unique carvings, inlay and gilding. All furniture products in this factory are assembled, polished and decorated by hand. A distinctive feature of all collections of the furniture brand Giorgio casa is a combination of functionality, comfort, thoughtfulness of forms, high aesthetics, reliability and durability.

Italian furniture by Giorgio Casa

All furniture collections of this brand are created in a classic style, which is distinguished by verified sophistication of forms and exquisite handmade decor. At the same time, craftsmen manage to combine sophisticated classic forms with modern functionality, comfort and fashionable furniture trends. The collections of the furniture factory "Giorgio Сasa di Mozzo" include furniture products in the following styles:

  • Art Deco;
    • baroque;

  • neoclassicism;
    • modern style.

    Beds, sofas, tables, armchairs, chairs, dressers, coffee tables, wardrobes embody the external sophistication of museum and antique furniture with functionality, reliability and practicality. Such furniture products will create an atmosphere of refined luxury, comfort and sophistication in the house.

    The collections are dominated by straight and smooth lines, light and natural shades of wood. The signature shades of this furniture brand are pastel colors:

    • White;
      • beige;

    • light brown;
      • Gray.

      Alongside the classic collections are contemporary furnishings created in a contemporary style, harmoniously combined with the traditional aesthetics of Italian cabinetmakers. In the contemporary furniture of Giorgio casa, contemporary design solutions preserve softness, romance and elegance.

      Reason 2. Materials and technologies

      Italian furniture by Giorgio Casa

      The Italian factory, which has its own design department, uses only expensive wood for the manufacture of luxury furniture:

      • oak;
        • nut;

      • ash.

      The facades are finished with natural veneer and elegant fittings. The surface of tables, wardrobes, headboards, dressers and showcases is decorated with exquisite hand-carved, hand-painted, appliqués, silvering, gilding and inlay. Velvet, leather, silk, natural suede are used as upholstery.

      To polish their products, craftsmen use unique environmentally friendly varnishes and beeswax, which are applied to hand-sanded wood.

      Each piece of furniture brand Giorgio casa is unique. To decorate their furniture, the factory's craftsmen use the old secrets of Veronese furniture makers, which have been passed down for centuries from generation to generation.The polished surface of the furniture has a flawless mirror surface, on which carvings and inlays look excellent.

      In the workshops of the furniture factory "Giorgio Сasa di Mozzo" a unique technology of artificial aging of wood is used, which allows to give furniture a unique look of things in which life is captured.

      The collections "Casa Serena", "Casa Bella" and "Memorie Veneziane" have been recognized by connoisseurs of real Italian furniture, which present unique furniture for offices, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, which will allow you to create unique interiors in a luxurious Italian style in the house. …

      Reason 3. The older it is, the more expensive it is

      Italian furniture by Giorgio Casa

      Giorgio casa furniture is a rational investment of money, because after several years of operation, unique piece products only increase in price, being a classic example of luxury, the value of which will only increase over time. It, like real estate, is passed down from generation to generation as an expensive and unique property with a high value.

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