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8 fascinating books about cats, in which they became the main characters
8 fascinating books about cats, in which they became the main characters

These fluffy and not-so-cute creatures have long since gone from pets to internet and pop culture stars. And the writers could not stay away from the cats. Publishing houses publish books not only about the upbringing of mustachioed pets, but also works in which cats and cats are full-fledged characters and even protagonists.

"KOTOLOGIKA", Marina Zherebilova

"KOTOLOGIKA", Marina Zherebilova

It seems that cats are so independent and arrogant that it is almost impossible to agree with them. They will come into the hands of the owner only if they themselves want it, and their daily affairs are much more important than the wishes of the owner. Sometimes they behave completely inappropriately: they spoil the furniture, lift the owner in the middle of the night, or relieve themselves in the wrong place. Marina Zherbilova not only loves cats, she knows how to correct their behavior using non-violent methods and will gladly teach readers simple techniques.

"InterKysya", Vladimir Kunin

InterKysya, Vladimir Kunin

In this work, the main character is the cat Martyn, who coexists on the same living space with his owner-writer. And the cat is so charismatic and brave that it is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with him. He is smart and resourceful, courageous and noble, and also inclined to adventures and very amorous.

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

A Street Cat Called Bob by James Bowen

Sometimes a meeting with an ordinary stray cat can turn the whole human life, as happened with the author of the book. He managed to get rid of drug addiction, and James Bowen began to slowly rise from the bottom. It was at that time that Bob appeared in his life. This couple can in no way be called the owner and the pet, because Bowen and Bob are real friends, and their real story became known to the whole world thanks to a series of books and the film of the same name.

"Notes of a Black Cat" by Maria Vago

"Notes of a Black Cat" by Maria Vago

Cats, after all, they are almost like people, and therefore they understand everything, analyze and even get jealous. The main character of the book of the Italian writer was a cat, which suddenly turned for a young family from the center of the universe into an ordinary neighbor. After all, now all their attention belongs to a small and always screaming strange creature that sleeps in a small crib. Be that as it may, but to find out what the cat is thinking in such a situation will be extremely useful.

"The Last Black Cat", Evgenios Trivizas

"The Last Black Cat", Evgenios Trivizas

The main characters of this real detective story are cats. Unfortunately, it began very sadly, with the disappearance of all representatives of the feline family from the island, except for one. It is he who begins his own investigation. As a result, the work of Eugenios Trivizas became not just a novel, but a deep reflection on issues of concern to humanity. Using the example of a cat's life, the author draws a parallel with the history of mankind and its dark secrets.

"Cat for Christmas" by Cleveland Emory

Cat for Christmas by Cleveland Emory

The story of the acquaintance and subsequent coexistence of a person with a cat is slightly similar to a fairy tale. But in fact, the speech in the book of the journalist and historian Cleveland Emory is rather about the harsh reality. The author had to completely change his way of life for the sake of the convenience of his new friend. This work is about the most real mutual love of two living beings.

Chronicles of the Wandering Cat by Hiro Arikawa

The Chronicles of the Wandering Cat by Hiro Arikawa

This story about a cat named Nana and his friend, who became Satoru Miyawaki, did not leave indifferent millions of readers around the world.And how could it be otherwise if, after five years of quite warm coexistence, friends are forced to leave, and Satoru goes with the cat in search of a new friend for him. The truth about why Satoru is forced to say goodbye to his four-legged friend, readers will find out at the end of the book, and many at this moment will not be able to refrain from crying.

"Bono. The amazing story of a rescued cat that inspired society, Helen Brown

"Bono. The Surprising Story of a Rescued Cat Who Inspired Society, Helen Brown

Cats play a very important role in the life of the New Zealand writer. It was these purring pets that helped her survive the pain of loss after the death of her son, while cats became a support for her during the period when she learned about her terrible diagnosis, and then underwent treatment. But Helen Brown's life changed a lot after her cat Bob, injured by Hurricane Sandy, got overexposed.

Somehow imperceptibly, fluffy purrs became the rulers of not only our homes, but also our hearts. And while some take selfies with them or shoot on video, trying to capture the funny tricks of their pets, illustrators paint them tirelessly in their creative projects.

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