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7 most fun and useful books on financial literacy
7 most fun and useful books on financial literacy

In order for money not to go away like sand through your fingers, you need to learn how to properly handle finances. At the same time, it is completely unnecessary to get acquainted with highly specialized terms or forcing yourself to study boring textbooks on economics. Learning financial literacy can be fun, fun, and not boring at all.

"The Girl with the Money", Anastasia Veselko

"The Girl with the Money", Anastasia Veselko

The author of the "Girl with Money" blog knows exactly how to get a stable income and manage finances dexterously. The author, without any complex terminology, teaches the basics of financial literacy and the skills of creating your own savings. Anastasia Veselko will tell you how to protect yourself from unnecessary spending, teach you how to invest in profitable projects, make savings and create your own financial strategies.

“Where does the money go. How to competently manage the family budget ", Yulia Sakharovskaya

“Where does the money go. How to correctly manage your family budget”, Yulia Sakharovskaya

Unfortunately, there is no subject in the school curriculum that would teach children how to properly handle finances and plan a budget. Therefore, many people consider it completely unnecessary to record where and what money is spent on, they do not know how to refuse absolutely unnecessary purchases and have no idea how to make savings. Yulia Sakharovskaya will help you understand all the issues related to budget planning, and even show you really operating methods.

"My own financier: How to spend wisely and save up correctly", Anastasia Tarasova

“My own financier: How to spend wisely and save up correctly”, Anastasia Tarasova

Probably, many people dream of going on a trip, saving up for a happy old age or buying a car without resorting to the help of credit organizations. Anastasia Tarasova will offer a simple and very effective methodology for working with finances based on cost analysis, prioritization and the ability to make savings. The author of the book is sure that you can save up for a dream at any income level.

"Be in love. Count ", Svetlana Shishkina

"Be in love. Count”, Svetlana Shishkina

Surely, one of the most painful issues in the relationship between a man and a woman concerns finances. The book by Svetlana Shishkina will help you learn to build not only romantic, but also financial relationships in a couple. In it, readers will not only be able to read about who should pay the bill at a restaurant or how household expenses can be divided. Of particular interest to the fair sex will be a method that will, under no circumstances, become financially dependent on a man.

Let's Talk About Your Income and Expenses by Carl Richards

“Let's Talk About Your Income and Expenses,” Carl Richards

The author of the book will teach you how to properly manage money so that a person has enough finances at different income levels. True, for a start, the reader will have to deal with his own attitude to life and finances with the help of the book, to realize his weaknesses in the form of a desire for spontaneous purchases and thoughtless spending. The techniques and techniques proposed by the author will help break the vicious circle of eternal lack of finance at any level of income.

"How to invest if you have less than a million in your pocket", Stanislav Tikhonov

“How to invest if you have less than a million in your pocket”, Stanislav Tikhonov

For some reason, investments are considered exclusively the lot of people with extremely high incomes. But you don't have to be a tough businessman or a financial tycoon to learn how to increase your own, even if small, capital. And passive income in our time certainly cannot hinder anyone.

“There is always money.How to spend money correctly so that there is enough for everything and even more ", Roman Argashokov

“There is always money. How to spend money correctly so that there is enough for everything and even more”, Roman Argashokov

The author of the book invites his readers to master a conscious approach to the issue of accumulation and reasonable spending. This book is completely devoid of boring theory, but it presents many exercises and techniques that will allow you to streamline expenses, organize your budget, and create the financial cushion everyone needs.

Financial literacy allows you not only to properly handle money, but also not to fall into the trap called "financial pyramid". The most famous pyramid scheme was organized by the British Lord Treasurer Robert Harley, the first Earl of Oxford, creating the scandalous South Seas Company in 1711. It took more than a century and a half to a similar pyramid appeared in Russia. True, it had its own characteristics, and unlike the well-known financial scams of the late twentieth century, the creator of the first Russian MMM was never able to get rich.

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