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Cult scenes from popular Soviet films that appeared by accident: Is jellied fish disgusting, etc
Cult scenes from popular Soviet films that appeared by accident: Is jellied fish disgusting, etc

Soviet screenwriters wrote legendary scripts, with caustic dialogues and entertaining plot twists. Despite this, the actors sometimes got used to the role so much that they could give out one or another funny phrase on behalf of their character. Many Soviet directors encouraged improvisation on the set. Such takes were often approved in the final editing of the tape, since they were quite organic and gave the film a special charm. It was they who often became cult and popular among ordinary viewers.

Why was Yuri Yakovlev surprised by the hot water and was the jellied fish so disgusting

Almost every resident of the former CIS watched at least once in his life Eldar Ryazanov's New Year comedy "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Jellied fish, public bath, songs with a guitar and the bewitching voice of Alla Pugacheva. The cast was so creative that it was impossible for them to refrain from "hooliganism" in the frame.

Yuri Yakovlev as Ippolit in the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", 1975

Most of the improvisation in the film belongs to Yuri Yakovlev. In the scene where he is sitting at the table with Nadya, Ippolit suddenly utters a phrase that was not envisaged in the script: "What disgusting … What disgusting your aspic fish." It is worth noting that the dish, indeed, was not of the best quality, therefore the artist did not bend his soul at all.

A bathroom was specially built in the Mosfilm pavilion, where the shooting took place, but the water from the tap was always icy. Therefore, when suddenly hot water poured on Yakovlev, the actor was very surprised, and, without leaving the image, issued: "Oh, the lukewarm went."

The cult scene in the bath

But few people know that in the scene in the bathhouse Lukashin and his friends are drinking real vodka. The actors thus celebrated in the frame the birthday of actor Alexander Belyavsky. It's over, Eldar Ryazanov was furious. But, interestingly, the film includes exactly the "drunk" takes.

Prince Ioan the Terrible and his love for Vysotsky

In the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession", the scene in which the hero of Yuri Yakovlev reacts extremely emotionally to the composition of Vysotsky, sounding from the tape recorder, is memorable. And it arose completely spontaneously.

Legendary scene from the film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession", 1973

In between takes, Yakovlev, still in the guise of a tsar, listened to the bard's song. Gaidai decided to develop this episode. Painfully he liked the expression on Yakovlev's face. And during the filming of the feast of Ioan the Terrible, Yuri Vasilyevich suddenly got up and shouted: "Everybody dance!"

Leonid Kuravlev was quite inventive in the frame. So, in the legendary shot, when his character Georges Miloslavsky steals money from Shpak's apartment, the actor complements the line from the script: "Citizens, keep your money in the savings bank!" his comic phrase "If, of course, you have them …".

The legendary trio and their equally legendary phrases

Coward, Goonies and Experienced in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures", 1967

The film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures" can literally be disassembled into aphorisms and cult sayings.

Coward, Goonies and Experienced were especially vivid in the shot. Fans of Soviet cinema, of course, remember the scene where Georgy Vitsin, taking a sip of beer, says: "Life, as they say, is good!" But quite unexpectedly as a director, there is "A good life - even better!".

How a spoiled take sparked an iconic scene

Leonid Gaidai also did not limit the actors' improvisation, but rather encouraged it. So Andrei Mironov, who was called the genius of improvisation, often appeared in his films. Of course, he did not miss the opportunity to prove himself in the "Diamond Hand".

Still from the comedy "The Diamond Arm" by L. Gaidai, 1969

Thanks to his ingenuity and originality, the words of his hero will be forever imprinted in the memory of the viewer: “Russo tourist! The face of morality! Ferstein?"

But Mironov was not only famous for his talent. He was known as a real "thief of hearts". So, his gesture with throwing back the bangs forever won the hearts of Soviet young ladies.

Eccentric Papanovskoe "Idiot!" appeared quite by accident. So, such an unflattering appeal was addressed to the director's assistant, who ruined the take.

As a minor character, Blotter Box became one of the most memorable in "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed"

Govorukhin did not demand strict adherence to the lines from the actors. But the real record holders for arbitrary phrases in the frame can be considered Ivan Bortnik, who embodied the Blotter on the screen. In general, Blotter should not be a chatty character, but the actor got so used to the image that he could not help but decorate it with phrases like "Shameful wolves."

Although he didn't get much screen time, he made a significant "improvisational" contribution to the film. Most of the blotter phrases are the result of Bortnik's ingenuity. A catchy line from the thieves' song "The dog barked at Uncle Fleur" flew out of him completely unplanned.

Larisa Udovichenko in the film "The meeting place cannot be changed", 1979

Larisa Udovichenko could be accused of illiteracy, if not for the scene, which has become legendary. The actress didn't really know the spelling of the word "bond". In the interrogation scene, she accidentally asked the question out loud, but Vladimir Vysotsky did not obscure, and played along with her, turning a nondescript episode into a cult one.

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