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How at 76 years old actress Raisa Ryazanova found a brother and sisters
How at 76 years old actress Raisa Ryazanova found a brother and sisters

The popularly beloved theater and film actress Raisa Ivanovna Ryazanova has been in the cinema for more than fifty years. During this time, the People's Artist of the Russian Federation has played over two hundred roles. More than one generation has grown up on films with her participation. Despite a rather successful career, life did not indulge Raisa Ivanovna. At different periods of her life, she went through difficult trials: the post-war period, lack of money, unemployment, loss of loved ones, lack of work in the cinema. But all this only tempered her character, because only a strong person would dare to try to enter the theater stage for the first time at the age of sixty. The life of an actress still throws difficult trials on her, but also gives her unexpected gifts, for example, a meeting with blood sisters and brother.

A terrible tragedy in the life of Raisa Ryazanova, which divided life into "before" and "after"

In 2020, the actress had, perhaps, the most terrible grief for any mother, she buried her only son, Danila. In the fifty-first year of his life, a blood clot came off the man, the doctors could not save him. After this terrible tragedy, Raisa Ivanovna could not come to her senses, she had a feeling that the whole world had collapsed. It seemed to her that she died with him, because the worst thing is when mothers bury their children.

Raisa Ryazanova still cannot get used to the idea that her son is no more

A year has passed, and the actress still cannot get used to the idea that her son is no longer there. And will it work? She constantly thinks what she did wrong in life, that fate punished her so harshly. The only joy for Raisa Ivanovna was her grandson. She has no more relatives. But not so long ago, an unexpected surprise awaited the actress. Tatyana Ulybysheva came to the studio of the "Secret for a Million" program on the NTV channel, where the actress was invited, who may be Raisa Ivanovna's half-sister.

Raisa Ryazanova never felt in childhood what a full-fledged family is

The parents of the People's Artist were not legally married. Raisa Ivanovna's father was a visiting military chauffeur. The mother of the actress accidentally met a man and lost her head from love. And over time, she learned that her lover is legally married and has six children. The truth came to light when the legal wife began to look for her spouse on a spree through his leadership. Raisa Ivanovna's mother did not want to be a homeless woman, so she showed the man the door, despite the fact that they had a daughter.

A rare photo of little Raisa Ryazanova with mom and dad

Lera Kudryavtseva, host of the "Secret for a Million" program, Ryazanova said that her mother told who her father was, and even tried to somehow justify him in the eyes of her little daughter. She did not forbid them to see each other and did not want her daughter to feel unnecessary to her father. However, their communication did not last long, the father stopped all kinds of relationships with his daughter and former mistress. Mom told little Raya that she had sisters and a brother, but the girl decided that it was not worth looking for a meeting with them, since her father's wife was, to put it mildly, not enthusiastic about the children brought up on the side of her unlucky husband. Although they met once in childhood.

Unexpected happiness on the set of the Secret in a Million program

The program "Secret for a Million" gave Raisa Ivanovna relatives

And so, at the seventy-seventh year of life, fate decided to give the actress a gift, in the form of those same paternal relatives with whom the actress did not want to look for meetings at a young age anymore. The release of the program dedicated to Raisa Ryazanova simply rebooted the actress, gave her new emotions, she felt that she was not alone in this world.

Tatyana Ulybysheva - the younger sister of Raisa Ryazanova

Tatyana came to the studio of the program, who considers herself the younger half-sister of Raisa Ivanovna. According to her, their family knew that they had a sister, but they could not even imagine that this was a famous actress. The program showed a video shot in the apartment of Ryazanova's relatives, where they said that it was unlikely that the star of the screens would want to see and communicate with them, since their social status was different. But Raisa Ryazanova gladly came to the program, the culmination of which was the moment where a specialist from the laboratory announced the result of the DNA test.

By the way, even before the results were announced, the actress noticed similarities in her possible sister, who, in turn, said that she felt a kindred spirit in Ryazanova. So they were immediately ready to continue the conversation, even if the test was not confirmed.

The women quickly found a common language and felt a kinship

But, fortunately for them, the examination confirmed that the probability that these women have one father is 99.9%. The sisters threw themselves into each other's arms right during the broadcast, tears of joy glittered in their eyes. So now Raisa Ivanovna, in addition to Tatyana, has other relatives, sister Zoya, as well as brother Alexander. However, they could not come to the program due to their age and well-being, but they are looking forward to visiting her. According to them, they often remembered their half-sister, dreaming of seeing her someday.

The newly made relatives told how they found out that the father had another daughter on the side. They remembered how their father had gone on a business trip to Kazakhstan during wartime and disappeared. There was gossip around the family, neighbors were gossiping that their dad was on a spree. And when their mother found out that her husband had a daughter out of wedlock, she went after him and returned him to the family. Once the father brought his illegitimate daughter into the family, but it was only once, they never saw the girl Raya again.

Another sister, the middle one, Lyudmila, was able to come to the shooting of the program. The sisters, in joy, again rushed to hug. In general, Raisa Ivanovna was shocked by so many relatives. She was so delighted with her newfound family that she tirelessly thanked this program. The actress admitted that she needs to live another seventy-seven years to realize and feel all this. She said that here she was not given a million, but a whole new life, which is much more important. The artist joked that it just doesn't happen, that it is easy to shoot a film according to such a scenario.

The sisters could not contain their emotions and hugged each other

It can be difficult to accept and let so many new people into your life, especially at such a mature age. But Raisa Ivanovna was insanely happy that the DNA test turned out to be positive, and now she has such great relatives. The main thing is that between already adult children there are no memories that the father was unfaithful and had a daughter on the side. So their further relationship depends only on themselves. Let's hope the relatives are really happy with the family reunion, and not just on camera. After all, I want so much that in the life of everyone's beloved Raisa Ryazanova there were happy moments that would help the actress at least a little to cope with her personal tragedy. I would like new relatives to support her and warm her with their warmth, because she deserves it like no other.

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