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Who is the Queen of Great Britain friends with: 9 confidants of Elizabeth II
Who is the Queen of Great Britain friends with: 9 confidants of Elizabeth II

Observing the monarchs in principle and the Queen of Great Britain in particular, it is very easy to forget that they are, first of all, the most ordinary people. They, like millions of other people, have not only responsibilities, but also rights. For example, personal life. Surely, Elizabeth II will not refuse to spend her free time with those people she loves. And it's not always her family members.

Lady Susan Hussey

Lady Susan Hussey and Elizabeth II

Lady Susan is one of the Queen's maids of honor and is said to have a very close relationship with Elizabeth II. This is evidenced not only by the fact that she has been with the queen since 1960, that is, for more than 60 years. Baroness Hussey accompanied Elizabeth II during the funeral of Prince Philip, she is the godmother of Prince William and is one of the close friends of Prince Charles. It was to Lady Susan Hussey that the Queen turned for support on the day of the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart and Elizabeth II

At one time, he was friends with the queen's spouse, and Elizabeth II has repeatedly demonstrated her warm attitude towards the Scottish race car driver. She even appeared at a private Jackie Stewart 80th birthday party, and the royal family often invited Sir Jackie to the family's Christmas celebrations. In addition, he is the godfather of Queen Zara's granddaughter.

Penelope Natchbull

Penelope Natchbull and Elizabeth II

Countess Mountbatten of Burma has been a confidant of the Queen and Prince Philip since 1975. Through her husband, she is closely related to the British royal family, constantly participates in official events, and in June 2021 she attended the Royal Equestrian Show in Windsor with Elizabeth II.

Lady Pamela Hicks

Lady Pamela Hicks

In 1957, Prince Philip's cousin and Elizabeth's second cousin was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of the future Queen of Great Britain. For many years she was one of the maids of honor and accompanied Elizabeth II on her travels. Her closeness to the queen is evidenced by the memories she shares with the press, including the queen's family life. Given the scrupulousness of the British royal family to publications about their private lives, it is safe to say that Lady Pamela's interviews were agreed and did not cause any displeasure on the part of the monarch.

Susan Rhodes

Susan Rhodes and Elizabeth II

Since 2017, Mrs. Rhodes has held the post of royal maid of honor and accompanied Elizabeth II to very intimate events, where only the closest people were allowed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is Susan who has been in close contact with the queen.

John Warren

John Warren and Elizabeth II

The position of Her Majesty's advisor in racing and horse breeding is considered very prestigious, and John Warren inherited it from his father-in-law. He accompanies Elizabeth II on all horse-related events, including the Royal Windsor Equestrian Show and the Ascot Races.

Celia Vestey

Celia Vestey and Elizabeth II

Baroness Vestey is very close to the royal family. She can often be seen next to the queen, she is the godmother of Prince Harry, was friends with Prince Charles and Lady Dee. She had the closest relationship with the queen. She appears at all events related to important events in the lives of members of the royal family.

Princess Alexandra

Princess Alexandra and Elizabeth II

According to the British publication Express, it is Alexandra of Kent who is the Queen's closest friend and confidant.The cousin of Elizabeth II is an active member of the British royal family and a person who knows all the secrets and innermost thoughts of the monarch. It was with her that the queen always had a very close relationship and complete understanding.

Angela Kelly

Elizabeth II and Angela Kelly

The personal stylist of Elizabeth II belongs to the Queen's inner circle. Angela herself talked about the fact that together they can drink tea and discuss their female secrets. Angela Kelly has no aristocratic relatives, she grew up in a simple family and became not only a confidant of the Queen, but was also awarded the Royal Victorian Order. She has been with Elizabeth II since 2002 and has earned her trust for her professionalism and ability to remain silent about what is happening outside the palace walls.

At Buckingham Palace Angela Kelly is called the AK-47 for straightforwardness, energy and ability to defend their position in any conditions. It is thanks to her that the old-fashioned dull suits in the wardrobe of Elizabeth II were replaced by modern bright outfits, turning Her Majesty into one of the most stylish women. And while Angela Kelly did not even graduate from high school, let alone receive a professional education.

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