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What dreams in Russia were considered harbingers of trouble and how they tried to prevent trouble
What dreams in Russia were considered harbingers of trouble and how they tried to prevent trouble

In the old days in Russia, among the peasants, the attitude towards dreams was very serious. There were beliefs that in a dream a person can be warned of possible troubles. Therefore, people carefully analyzed dreams, trying to prevent trouble and warn their loved ones about it. Read in the material why it was dangerous to see lost teeth in a dream, when it was necessary to think about health and why it was unsafe to build a new house.

New home: not joy, but sadness, and also "watch the roof"

The dream of building a house was considered bad

A new home is always a joy. However, if he dreamed in a dream, it was not good. For example, a man dreamed that he was building a new hut, and at the same time it was long and cramped. This was considered a bad sign, since such a structure resembled a coffin. If you remember, then this object in Russia was called domina. It is clear that nobody wanted to "live" in such a house. And if in a dream a recently departed person invited me to visit, they say, look at my house, then it was not worth doing this in any case, so as not to provoke trouble.

When the meaning of the dream was that the roof was blown off the house, it was necessary to immediately warn the relatives so that they could check their health. Since such a dream was called a sign of a possible bad outcome. In general, many signs were associated with the roof. She dreams that half has collapsed - you should worry about your soul mate (husband or wife). The sleeper saw a stranger driving a nail into the roof of the hut - a possible danger lies in wait for someone from the family. So it is better to do home and construction in reality.

When someone who is no longer in the world beckons to him

A departed relative who is having dinner is not a very good dream

According to the historian Loginov, if someone who recently left this world came in a dream, one should be wary. This was considered a bad sign, like any contact with the other world. However, one had to pay attention to what the "visitor" of dreams was doing. For example, a wife dreamed of her husband, who was already in heaven, and called her to him. Like, let's live together again, come on, help me cook dinner, otherwise I'm very hungry. Such a dream was dangerous for the woman. The people said that soon she could be reunited with her husband.

If you dreamed of a close relative who ate food with appetite and offered to share a meal with him, or washed the floors and asked for help, or invited to stay with him, then this option was also called not very happy. Alas, in this way a relative could hint that he was waiting for a date where he is now. Of course, the peasants tried, after such signs, to warn all households so that they behave as carefully as possible, monitor their condition, and not tempt fate.

How could a cow warn about troubles

Seeing a cow in a dream is a bad omen

Animals also came to dreams. They also hinted that a person needs to be attentive to himself. For example, a peasant dreamed that an evil snake had bitten him. Or mice came and attacked him. Since reptiles and rodents were perceived as a kind of embodiment of evil spirits, then the dream was considered prophetic. I had to be prepared for a serious illness. The cows that were harmless in life also got it. In old Russia, they said that when a cow cries, they suffer for people who have gone to heaven. Seeing a black or red cow in a dream was considered a bad omen.

In the Pskov region, for example, the course of the disease was predicted based on dreams. Let's say a sick person sees a horse in a dream. This meant that the chances of recovery were very small. In this case, it was recommended to call a doctor, use all possible medicines or folk remedies to slow down the disease and prevent it from defeating a person.

Birds also appeared in dreams. And today, many are afraid when a sparrow or a dove beats against the window panes. They say that this is a very bad omen. In ancient times, the appearance of a magpie in a dream was very serious. They said that this bird is capable of dragging the mistress of the house to heaven. You could start worrying about loved ones if you dreamed of a cuckoo flying over the yard or a falcon taking off from your hand.

Sleep flights and falling teeth: be careful

If you dream of a lost tooth, then you should take this as a warning

Sometimes, before visiting the dentist, people have dreams about teeth. Today, this is treated simply. And in the old days, no one wanted to see a tooth that had fallen out with blood in a dream, since, according to signs, such a vision meant that trouble could happen to the mother or some other relative. If the tooth was clean, it was recommended to think about which of the acquaintances has health problems (or others) that can lead to a sudden end. Not only “dental” dreams were warning, but also visions of hair.

Carefully analyzing dreams, our ancestors paid attention not only to the parts of the body that were dreamed, but also to actions and unusual images. For example, a person dreams that he is flying across the sky. Or that he was made king, and the whole country obey him. In this case, it is recommended to think about whether there is some kind of health hazard, threat from ill-wishers, and so on. That is, try to hedge against the troubles that sleep promises, including from the biggest of them - when heaven takes a person. Dreams about a wedding had the same symbolic meaning, and, interestingly, about a cart ride. Moving in a dream on a cart is a bad sign, they said in Russia. Sometimes people dreamed of acquaintances and relatives whom he had not seen for a long time. It's clear. But if at the same time he was sailing on a boat, they said that there was simply no chance to see this person in reality. In general, water had a sacred meaning and was viewed as a kind of road to heaven. Therefore, the peasants did not like it when they dreamed of a storm, a fast river, which carried the sleeper into an unknown distance.

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