Super Grandma by Sacha Goldberger
Super Grandma by Sacha Goldberger
Super grandma by Sacha Goldberger

Anyone who is sure that old age is not a joy simply did not see the works of the French photographer Sasha Goldberger - an excellent photographer and loving grandson who is convinced that God created grandmothers, because he himself was afraid not to keep track of everything. A series of works "Mamika", presents us grandmother-hero… She can fly, can lift a car with one hand, and even goes to the hairdresser without taking off her helmet.

Super grandma

Sasha killed two birds with one stone: he created a wonderful photo project, and managed to cheer up his ninety-one-year-old grandmother, who fell into depression due to her advanced age.


Federica was born in Budapest, 20 years before the outbreak of World War II. During the war, risking her own life, she saved the lives of dozens of people. "She hid the Jews, taking them to safety every day," Goldberger says. Having survived fascism, Federica was forced to illegally immigrate to France, fearing persecution by the communist regime. Along with incredible fortitude, Federica has an amazing sense of humor over which neither time nor misfortune has the power. Cheerful and cynical, she is always ready to cheer up the people she loves.

Mamika rushes to the rescue

We've already written about old age superheroes by Donald Soffritti. And Sacha Goldberger's photo project is also no less, and maybe even more, amusing: after all, it is much more interesting to see superbaby, so to speak, embody.

Superheroine by Sacha Goldberger

In addition to superpowers, Sasha's grandmother has a huge supply of vitality and energy: she can try skiing down the stairs, or climb a hill in a superman costume, and sometimes very strange ideas come to her mind: for example, washing the window with a dog or painting her lips with fighting gloves …

Super Power for Super Power

A series of photographs, entitled "Mamika" and posted by Goldberger on his MySpace page for his grandmother, awaited unexpected success. Now she has more than 2,200 friends and every day she receives messages with the following content: "You are the grandmother I dreamed of, I want to be your grandson!" or “You gave me hope! I want to be like you at your age!” At first, she did not understand why all these people write to her, and then, little by little, she began to guess that her story gives people joy and hope. For all these photos, she posed with genuine enthusiasm. Goldberger admitted that at the end of the photo shoot, her grandmother did not even have a hint of depression. Perhaps because, thanks to this story, she saw some kind of purpose. And, the warm words of the newfound friends reminded her that life is a great happiness.


You can see more of Sacha Goldberger's work on his website

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