33 Years As Jesus: Filipino Crucified Every Year Looking For A Replacement
33 Years As Jesus: Filipino Crucified Every Year Looking For A Replacement

It is unlikely anywhere else that Good Friday is as spectacular and emotional as in the Philippines. Every year there are performances staging the crucifixion of Jesus. At the same time, the actor who plays Jesus is really pierced by the arms and legs with metal nails.

Good Friday in the Philippines

The Philippine Catholic Church is not fond of such local traditions. The church insists that the body must be pacified, not mutilated, and such performances are fanatical in nature. However, such events have been held in the two largest cities for more than 55 years, so it has become a real tradition. Moreover, it is for the sake of this action that a huge number of people come here - both Filipinos and tourists.

Real metal nails are used for the performance

The Ministry of Health in the Philippines also cannot prevent people from celebrating Good Friday this way. The only thing they insisted on was that the actors had a tetanus shot, and the nails themselves were sterilized in advance. And, of course, just in case, more than one ambulance brigade is on duty in the district - after all, real blood is pouring, and anything can happen.

Every year, the Philippines hosts a spectacular Good Friday performance

The most impressive action on Good Friday takes place in San Fernando, the capital of the province of Pampanga, which is also called the "Christmas capital of the Philippines." For greater authenticity of what is happening, the performance was taken out of the city and staged not in the city center, but in its district - barangay (district) of San Pedro Kutud.

The local Catholic Church does not approve of this tradition

On the Internet, you can find a list of all Filipinos who have ever participated in this performance and allowed themselves to be crucified on the cross. In 2008, a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl (in the city of Paombong) even played such a role. More often than not, people agree to such a role only once. Unlike Ruben Enaje. To date, Ruben has been crucified 33 times.

Ruben Enache

Once Ruben worked at a construction site and fell from a height of three floors. To everyone's surprise, he survived. Ruben decided that it was the grace of the Lord, and since then he began to participate in the play on Good Friday every year as Jesus. Initially, Ruben promised the Lord that he would go through these torments 27 times as gratitude. In 2013, it was his 27th appearance in front of the public in a crown of thorns. However, there were no people willing to take his "post", so the next year Ruben played Jesus again.

A large number of people come to the show

Ruben admitted last year that hammering nails into his hands no longer hurt him. Typically, these types of wounds take about a month to heal. However, if you drive nails into the same place for more than 30 years, doctors do not exclude that nerve endings may simply die off in this part of the body. Therefore, Ruben announced this year that this was his penultimate year as the crucified Jesus. Ruben is now 58 years old, and he wants to find a successor for this responsible role.

Each crucified person needs to hang on the cross for several minutes before being removed

According to Ruben, he is looking for a person who would be pious and humble, who would not be proud of his role and would be completely honest with the Lord in his intentions. The fact that he is crucified on the cross, Ruben considers an honor - "this is the little way I can thank God for his generosity."

Ruben Enache

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