The artist will collect their knives recovered from the corpses, a 7-meter sculpture
The artist will collect their knives recovered from the corpses, a 7-meter sculpture
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The Guardian today announced that Alfie Bradley, an artist from the UK, will create a sculptural composition from the weapons of crime, namely, knives that police officers had previously removed from the corpses of the British. At the moment, the artist says that the sculpture will represent a seven-meter figure of an angel. Work on the creative project will be completed only in the fall of 2016. After the statue is fully completed, it will be transported to all cities in Great Britain.

According to the author himself, the amount of material will be about 100 thousand knives from 43 British police stations. It will be made in a factory in Shropshire, which was previously engaged in the manufacture of iron products. All knives will be dull and sterilized before using the material.

The print edition notes that not all relatives of those killed reacted positively to Bradley's creative idea. Some even protested. In particular, in one of the world-famous social networks, a group was created that bears the sonorous name "Say no to the angel of knives!" Moreover, one of the members of this group left a comment that in no case should this art project be supported, because only a person who has never lost a child can treat these things this way (a woman lost her son in 2004).

But in parallel with the active position of those unwilling to accept Bradley's art project, there appeared those who found it very attractive. For example, the management of the factory, where the "creation of the angel" will take place, said that today a huge number of people have turned to them, who asked to indicate on the knives the names of the people who died from them.

The artist expects that this project will shock the entire public. With this project, Bradley hopes to influence the UK government and push it to take decisive action on the problem of growing crime. A mute question will be displayed on the face of the iron angel: "Why?" and anxiety.

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