BodyRocks tactile "stones" for music lovers
BodyRocks tactile "stones" for music lovers
BodyRocks tactile "stones" for music lovers

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to augmented reality and virtual reality. Some additional devices are constantly being created that would allow a person to interact with objects of virtual reality, to get additional impressions. There are already many such devices, and now their number has increased even more, due to the appearance of BodyRocks.

The device with this name helps you to really feel the music when you are in virtual reality. Its creators are talented specialists of the startup BodyRocks, based in the United States of America. They offer to purchase their interesting development at a very attractive price. The device, named after the startup, is a small controller that attaches to the body. Its peculiarity is that it simultaneously combines vibration feedback in the traditional sense and the so-called intelligent distribution of sound waves. Additionally, the developers made it so that BodyRocks can stream music using Bluetooth for this purpose.

Many companies in the development of such devices are configured to interact only with a virtual environment. At the start-up BodyRocks, they decided to go beyond such a framework. They used a simple vibration motor with a system that can capture and process sound waves. The results turned out to be very interesting and especially attractive for music lovers, since this development can be used in everyday life.

The BodyRocks device can connect to devices running on iOS and Android operating systems, connecting to them wirelessly. After that, he catches sound waves and converts them into point vibration signals. BodyRocks is a whole system, which includes several similar devices that are attached using adhesive tape to any part of the body.

Using such a system will allow you not only to listen to your favorite musical compositions, but to feel them on your body. It is worth noting that something similar was previously presented, but those devices are seriously inferior to BodyRocks in terms of functionality. At the moment, a fundraising campaign is underway on Indiegogo, after which the development will be sent to mass sale at a price of $ 99. For such a device, the price is quite reasonable.

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