A look into the past: color photographs of the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century
A look into the past: color photographs of the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century
Color photographs of Prokudin-Gorsky

A Russian photographer, a chemist by education, Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky remained in history as the author of the most magnificent photographs of the Russian Empire in 1909-1912. Sergei Mikhailovich used a complex method of shooting with the help of several plates, as a result of which he obtained color photographs - almost magic for that time.

View of the monastery from Svetlitsa Bridge over the river Color photographs of Prokudin-Gorsky Photos of pre-revolutionary Russia Church in the village of Shaydoma

When shooting, Prokudin-Gorsky did not shoot each picture for one photo at the same time, but after a while. Therefore, some moving objects (trees, water in the river) and people sometimes turned out a little with distortion in the form of shifted color outlines. 10 years ago, the Library of Congress signed a contract with one of the firms specializing in the elimination of such defects. This work is painstaking and extremely large-scale - the library's archive contains several thousand works of a Russian photographer.

Shuya river Village Monastery Boy at the gate On the river

Until 2001, Prokudin-Gorsky's films and plates were kept in the archivist of the Library of Congress, since it was not clear how to develop them. Later, when technology made it possible to see the footage, the library put up old photographs for free access on its website. This caused a revival in Russia, and soon a folk project was organized to restore the heritage of the great photographer. On the website you can see detailed information about the pictures, including how and where they were taken.

Color photographs of Prokudin-Gorsky Church Church in the village of Vetluga The city of Dvinsk. Catholic church Mills in the Yalutorovsky district of the Tobolsk province Church Village Church of the Resurrection in the Wilds

Some other photographs of Prokudin-Gorsky can be seen in our previous review, where mainly portraits of the inhabitants of the Russian Empire are presented.

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