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Eduard Asadov and Galina Razumovskaya: Love with Wide Open Hearts
Eduard Asadov and Galina Razumovskaya: Love with Wide Open Hearts
Eduard Asadov and Galina Razumovskaya

Eduard Asadov was rightfully considered the singer of love in the Soviet Union. His books were sold out instantly, his poems were copied into notebooks. And he dedicated the most poignant poem to his wife, Galina Razumovskaya, whom he had never seen.

At the turn of the war

Eduard Asadov in June 1941

He began writing poetry while still in elementary school. And he dreamed of going to a literary or theater institute. But the Great Patriotic War began. It was the war that left an imprint on the entire fate of Eduard Asadov. He is one of those who put on a tunic immediately after graduation. He survived this monstrous military meat grinder, but plunged into darkness forever.

Eduard Asadov at the beginning of the war

His combat crew was supposed to deliver the combat stock to the front line. A German shell that exploded next to him almost took his life. Bleeding from injury, he refused to return without completing the assignment. The shells were delivered on time, and then the doctors fought for twenty-six days to keep him alive.

Irina Viktorova, the poet's first wife

He was only 21 years old when the doctors announced their verdict: eternal blindness. It seemed that life was crumbling before it began. But according to Eduard Asadov, six girls who regularly visited the young hero in the hospital helped him cope with depression. One of them, Irina Viktorova, became his first wife.

Later, Eduard Asadov, in a letter to a friend, confesses that he has linked his life with the wrong person. There will be a difficult divorce and a ruined relationship with his son. But before that, a young and very organized young man, despite complete blindness, will begin to write poetry, enter the Literary Institute and write a lot.

First success

Eduard Asadov

The first success came to him when his poems were published in the Ogonyok magazine with the light hand of Korney Chukovsky, to whom Asadov sent his creations for the first time, while still in the hospital. Kornei Ivanovich criticized the work of the young poet, but at the same time strongly advised Asadov not to give up what he had begun, writing to him: “… You are a true poet. For you have that genuine poetic breath, which is inherent only in a poet!"

Eduard Asadov

From that moment on, his life will change dramatically again. He will write about the most important human quality - the ability to love. Critics were very condescending to his work, considering the ego of the work too simple. But it was difficult to find a person who did not know Asadov's poems. National love and recognition were the answer to the critics.

Creative evenings with the participation of the beloved poet invariably gathered full halls. People recognized themselves in his works and wrote letters of gratitude and appreciation for such an accurate description of feelings. No one had any idea how lonely the poet is in his personal life. But a single meeting changed everything.

Literary meeting

Eduard Asadov and Galina Razumovskaya

At one of the literary meetings, the Mosconcerta actress Galina Razumovskaya asked to skip her performance ahead, as she was afraid of being late for the plane. She had to read poems by women poets. Asadov then joked that men also write. She stayed to hear what he would read. After his speech, she asked to send poems to her in Tashkent so that she could read them. After her speech, Galina wrote a detailed letter to the author about the success of his works.

He was very afraid to make mistakes again, but Galina Razumovskaya became for him not only his wife. She became his eyes, his feelings, his true love. He found the strength at this moment to break off his past, very burdensome relationship. And go to the one he loves.He dedicated his amazing poems to her.

Simple happiness

Eduard Asadov and Galina Razumovskaya

Since then, she has always taken part in his creative evenings, read his poems, accompanied him everywhere. He only wrote poetry on his own, blindly typing them on a typewriter.

The whole life of the Asadov family was subordinated to a clear schedule: early rise, breakfast at seven in the morning and then in the office recited poetry on a dictaphone. After dinner, which was always at two o'clock, the poet sat down to print his poems. And the wife after that she reprinted them completely, prepared them for delivery to the publishing house.

Eduard Asadov with his wife, daughter-in-law and granddaughter Christina

He did not use any devices for the blind in everyday life, except for a special clock that allowed him to determine the time. He was very fond of discipline, he could not stand non-obligation or non-punctuality.

Galina Razumovskaya in her youth

Galina Valentinovna at the age of 60 learned to drive a car so that her husband could comfortably move around the city and visit the dacha. She categorically refused to buy a TV set, because she considered it unethical to watch it with her blind husband. But together they listened to the radio, and Galina Valentinovna read books, newspapers, magazines to him aloud. He did not even use a wand, because Galina was always with him, helping and guiding him in the most literal sense.

Eduard Asadov and Galina Razumovskaya

She passed away earlier than her husband, having died of a heart attack in 1997. The poet recalled this period as one of the most difficult in his life. After all, he was left all alone. And he wrote again. To her, her beloved, but already unearthly.

But his fighting character did not allow him to surrender his positions. He again rushed into creative battle and was able to defeat depression and loneliness. His fighting friends came to his aid, all of them were generals, as he proudly spoke.

Eduard Asadov

And soon his next book "Don't give up, people!" Was published. He didn't give up until the very end, in 2004. He wrote, met with admirers of his talent and sincerely enjoyed life until the last day, until a heart attack took his life.

Eduard Asadov was happy with his beloved. Great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen could not melt the heart of his snow queen.

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