Marilyn Manson's musicians sprinkled with holy water
Marilyn Manson's musicians sprinkled with holy water
Marilyn Manson's musicians sprinkled with holy water

Dmitry Enteo, who is the leader of the "God's Will" movement, on his personal Twitter page spoke about how Orthodox activists met the American rock singer Marilyn Manson, as well as all members of his musical group.

The activists got lost among the fans of the musician, who were waiting for the star at the entrance to one of the Moscow hotels, and then from the crowds they began to throw eggs at Manson and pour holy water. According to Enteo, the formidable-looking rock performer, after sprinkling with water, began to behave inappropriately - he tried to escape from activists and screamed in horror. Journalists from Life News claim that Marilyn Manson himself was not near the hotel and the activists confused him with some other musician from the rock band.

On June 20, Dmitry Enteo, together with other Orthodox activists, addressed the mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, with a request to ban the concert of the rock band, scheduled for June 27. The ban on holding the concert was not adopted, although the event never took place.

The reason for this was an anonymous call warning of a bomb planted at VDNKh. The message came at a time when the musicians were already intending to go on stage, but there was no question of continuing the event. The performance of Marilyn Manson was supposed to be a highlight of the Park Live rock music marathon, which was to open on June 27 at VDNKh and last until June 29 inclusive.

After receiving a signal about an explosive device, a special group left for the place indicated in the telephone message. After checking, the police said that the citizens could feel safe.

In Russia, there are a large number of opponents of the rock musician Manson. These include activists from Novosibirsk, who on June 18 organized a rally against the performance of a musical group that promotes sexual perversion, drug use, insults to the Christian faith, at the city's June 29 festival. The rally was quite large and the main demand was the postponement of the concert by the city authorities or the cancellation of this event altogether.

The speeches of the Orthodox activists in Novosibirsk were heard. The rock concert in the "Siberia" sports palace, scheduled for the 29th, was canceled. The organizers of the event hoped to postpone it to the next day, but on the 30th, as the manager of the band Marilyn Manson said, the group will not be able to perform in Novosibirsk.

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