Street cinema festival opens in Russia
Street cinema festival opens in Russia
Street cinema festival opens in Russia

On June 12, the Street Cinema Festival starts, which will last until September 12. This event will take place in many cities and towns of the Russian Federation. According to Alexander Shcheryakov, the general producer of this interesting project, the audience will be presented with a large number of short films created by young domestic directors.

During his communication with journalists, he drew attention to the main feature of such a festival - the audience does not have to go to a specific place to visit the event, and the festival itself is held in different cities. This festival is dedicated to short films.

They are shown in open areas, which can be squares, embankments, rooftops, parks. This is not the first time this event has been held. Compared to last year, the organizers have significantly expanded their geography. Now, with short films, it is planned to visit more than 1100 cities and towns of the country and its settlements. Another distinctive feature of the festival is the complete absence of a jury. Viewers independently determine what kind of work they like, and they take part in the voting with the help of flashlights on the phone. Special equipment will measure the level of light, and according to this indicator, the winner will be determined, who will be named by the fall of 2019.

For the first time this year, the presentation of a cash prize is planned. The director, whose work the public recognizes as the best, will receive a prize of 1.5 million rubles, which he can spend on the creation of the first full-length film. Thus, the festival will help talented directors.

In total, 85 short films are planned to be shown this time within the framework of the festival, but only ten such films will take part in the main competition. The first screenings of the short films will take place in the city of Syktyvkar. The opening will not be solemn, large-scale and will be just formal.

During the festival, short films starring Russian acclaimed stars will be screened. An example of this is "Electric Current". The main role in this movie was played by Alexander Pal, but the director was Pyotr Fedorov, also a famous Russian actor. In the short films of the festival, viewers will be able to see other stars such as Yana Troyanova, Alexander Petrov, Sergey Burunov, Alexander Gorchilin, Pavel Derevyanko, Alexey Serebryakov.

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