Lenfilm will start filming a film about the victory at Khalkhin Gol in the summer of 2019
Lenfilm will start filming a film about the victory at Khalkhin Gol in the summer of 2019

At the Lenfilm film studio, they talked about their plans for the summer of next 2019. At this time, the studio plans to start filming the film in Mongolia. The film will be based on the events of 80 years ago, or rather the battle of Soviet-Mongolian formations with Japanese troops, which took place on the banks of the Khalkhin-Gol River. Such intentions were reported in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Culture. At the same time, in its message this press service says that the information was received from Eduard Pichugin, general director of the Lenfilm film studio.

The new film will be called "Khalkhin-Gol" and a literary script has already been developed for it. Pichugin himself spoke about this during his conversation with Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian Minister of Culture. During this meeting, he noted that he wishes to receive assistance from the Ministry of Culture in carrying out historical and cultural expertise. The minister noted that such assistance will be provided. The script for the new film will be sent to the Russian Military Historical Society, which will be responsible for historical expertise, and the Cinema Foundation will undertake artistic expertise.

The memorandum on the creation of this film was signed in Vladivostok on September 12, 2018 during the Eastern Economic Forum. Prior to this, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, the President of Mongolia, approached Vladimir Putin with a proposal to create a film by joint efforts.

In creating this film, Russia will cooperate not only with Mongolia, but also with China. The script for the film was created by Sergei Snezhkin, who previously worked on the development of the script for the film "Stalingrad".

In 1939, from May to September, a conflict developed near the Khalkhin-Gol River, which was caused by the illegal incursions of Japanese troops into Mongolia. Soviet troops provided assistance to the Mongolian troops. At that time, they were on Mongolian territory in accordance with the 1936 Mutual Assistance Protocol.

The troops of Mongolia and the Soviet Union jointly managed to repulse the invaders, after which they decided to conclude an agreement to eliminate the conflict. In the course of these hostilities, the combined Soviet and Mongolian troops lost about eight thousand people. The Japanese losses were large - about twenty-five thousand people.

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