Paintings by Larionov, Kustodiev and Polenov were put up for auction in London
Paintings by Larionov, Kustodiev and Polenov were put up for auction in London
Paintings by Larionov, Kustodiev and Polenov were put up for auction in London

On June 4, an auction will take place in London. The initiator of this event is the auction house Sotheby's. The organizers of the auction talked with representatives of Russian news publications and said that at the upcoming auction, the top lots among the objects of Russian art will be paintings painted by such Russian masters as Vasily Polenov, Boris Kustodiev, Mikhail Larionov.

According to preliminary estimates of the specialists of the auction house, the work of Mikhail Larionov, who lived in 1881-1964, which was named "Still Life", will be sold at a price of 1-1.5 million feet, which is 1.3-1.9 million dollars. Such a high price of the canvas is explained by the fact that it is a rather rare work by Larionov, an artist who is considered one of the most influential Russian avant-garde artists. The current owner acquired this work of art in 1960 and the work has not been shown anywhere for nearly 60 years. Larionov wrote this canvas in 1915. By this time, he had already left Russia for France.

Among the most expensive lots of Russian masters was a work with the title "Portrait of Count Alexei Pavlovich Ignatiev". This painting was painted by the artist Boris Kustodiev, who lived in 1878-1927, at the request of Emperor Nicholas II. The peculiarity of this picture lies in the fact that Kustodiev did not complete the canvas and another great Russian artist Ivan Repin was already doing this. At one time, this work of art was exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as at the 1907 Venice Biennale.

The specialists of the Sotheby's auction house highly appreciated the canvas with the name "River Oyat", which was created by Vasily Polenov, who lived in 1844-1927. From the sale of this painting, the Russian artist is planning to bail out from 450 to 650 thousand pounds, which is from 570 to 825 thousand dollars.

During the London auction, arts and crafts will be on display. Among them, experts especially highlighted a miniature table and chair, which were made of gold and covered with enamel in the workshop of Carl Faberge. Each of these items is valued at 0.8-1.2 million pounds, which is $ 1-1.5 million.

Russian Week, in which other large auction houses take part in addition to Sotheby's, is traditionally held twice a year: the first time in May-June, and the second time in November-December.

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