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What are the types of classic men's shoes
What are the types of classic men's shoes
What are the types of classic men's shoes

Shoes are an important part of a man's wardrobe. And its choice should be approached very responsibly, because it is shoes that can tell a lot about a person. There are many shoe models. But every man should have at least a pair (and preferably not one) of classic shoes.


If a man often has to attend formal meetings, he should definitely purchase oxfords. This classic men's shoe, a distinctive feature of which is closed lacing, in which the tongue in the shoe is practically invisible, it is completely covered by ankle boots (elements in which the holes for the laces are located).

For sewing such shoes, only black leather or dark brown leather can be used. It is very important to understand what kind of clothes Oxfords should be worn - a tuxedo, tailcoat or classic suit. There are several varieties of Oxfords, among which the most expensive are the Kholkats. And all because a whole piece of leather is used to sew such shoes. The finished shoe has a single seam at the heel counter. The varieties of Oxfords also include the Saddle, Cap Toe and Adelaids.

The most free option is the saddle, since to create such a pair, leather cuts are used that differ in texture and color, which makes them not so strict.


The classic shoe, which is called derby, like oxfords, is a lace-up shoe. In such shoes, the front part is made in one piece with the tongue, and the ankle boots are applied on top. The derby features an open lacing. For sewing such shoes, craftsmen can use leather of different colors and textures. Available in perforated leather and suede.

Derby shoes are a variation of classic shoes, but they are not as formal as Oxfords, and therefore can be worn both in the office and at informal events. It is a great addition to a strict business suit, but you can wear it with jeans and shorts.


A variety of classic shoes with laces are brogues. The main distinguishing feature of such men's shoes is a curly toe, as well as the presence of holes. Manufacturers offer models with both outer and inner lacing, and therefore such models are often confused with derby and oxford models.

Irish farmers were the first to wear such shoes in the 17th century. They had to work in swampy areas, and in order for the water to leave the shoes faster, the shoes themselves would dry quickly, just the holes were needed. Since that time, brogues have changed significantly, but retained the perforation that can be present on different elements of the shoe.

Brogues are a classic type of men's shoes, but they are not a business model, and therefore should not be worn with a business suit. They go well with jeans, soft trousers of any color, a tweed suit in a cage, they will be the perfect complement to a casual look.


Another kind of men's classic shoes. The main distinguishing feature of this shoe is that it takes its origins from moccasins, and therefore is devoid of fasteners and laces. But these shoes have a heel. Ankle boots of many loafers were often supplemented with decorative tassels, now such decoration is practically not found on such shoes. This type of classic shoe will be a good option for those who have to walk a lot, as they are very comfortable.

Initially, this type of shoe was produced in the old world and was popular with American tourists. In the middle of the twentieth century, designers drew attention to loafers, transferring them to the category of classic shoes, making them more elegant. Today, loafers can be a good addition to the image of a person working in the office, they can also be used simply as a comfortable walking option that goes well with skinny pants or jeans.


This name was given to a variety of men's classic boots. They are characterized by a height to the bones, no more than three rows of lacing, a round toe, a leather upper and a sole made of leather or rubber. For sewing chakka boots, two cuts of leather are used; when sewing, the back is sewn onto the front.

A variety of such boots are deserts, which are sewn from suede in bright or muted colors. They use a crepe sole. Chukka boots can be worn with classic suits that are made of tweed or corduroy, or they can be combined with informal outfits up to a T-shirt with jeans.


This type of men's classic footwear received this name for its resemblance to the shoes of monks. It completely lacks lacing, but there are fasteners that can have different colors - brass, silver, copper. The color of the fasteners is usually matched to the color of the watch and cufflinks, so that the image is complete and harmonious. According to the number of fasteners, such shoes are divided into double monks and mono monks. The version with one clasp is considered more official, but the version with two clasps is in great demand. It is not customary to close the fasteners in such shoes, and therefore they are usually worn with cropped trousers. The option with rolled up jeans is allowed.

Choosing such shoes for an office suit, it is better to stay on a model with one fastener made of dark brown or black leather. For an informal setting, you can choose any model of monk, including those made of nubuck, suede.


Chelsea boots are a variety of classic men's shoes. These boots have no fasteners or laces. Putting them on is quick and easy due to lateral rubber inserts. Classic models of such shoes have an oblong and pointed look. To create them, use nubuck or smooth leather.

Such shoes became widespread in the days of the Beatles. Then she attracted the attention of representatives of the student movement in Britain and even became a symbol of pop culture. Due to the high level of comfort, they are actively used while riding horses. Classic Chelsea in smooth black leather go well with a business suit. Less formal pieces are suitable for casual looks.


This version of the classic shoe looks a lot like the elongated version of the derby or oxford shoes. This classic shoe is essential during rainy and low temperatures. Smooth leather is usually used for its production. Some models are insulated with fur. The boots can be formal, they are usually smooth, and are made of black leather.

On sale there are a large number of unofficial models of boots that have additional decorative elements, can be sewn from textured leather, supplemented with brogue.

The more elements are found on the shoes, the more of them should be present in outerwear. You can wear such shoes with trousers and jeans, parkas, leather and quilted jackets, a coat with a belt.

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