Unknown photographs of Nicholas II found in Yessentuki were handed over to the UFK museum in Stavropol
Unknown photographs of Nicholas II found in Yessentuki were handed over to the UFK museum in Stavropol
Unknown photographs of Nicholas II found in Yessentuki were transferred to the UFK museum in Stavropol

During the repair of the roof of the treasury in Yessentuki, photographs of the royal family and Nicholas II were found. Previously, the existence of these photographs was not known. Vera Samarina, who holds the position of the deputy head of the UFK in the Stavropol Territory, who is also the head of the search squad with the name "Treasurer 26", told about such a find.

In total, seven photographs and two postcards were found. At the moment, these valuable personnel are in the departmental museum. The most valuable of these objects are photo postcards, as they contain the autographs of Tsarevich Alexei and one of the princes.

Photos of XIX were found by ordinary workers, during the work on the repair of the roof in the building of department No. 26 of the UFK, in the city of Essentuki. They were accidentally preserved and transferred to the department under which the museum operates. Specialists are involved in the study of photographs and the authenticity of autographs on photo postcards.

The building, which was undergoing renovations, is a mansion with a mezzanine. It was built of bricks, has two floors and is considered one of the oldest buildings in Essentuki. The roof of the building has not been repaired for over a century. When carrying out such work under one of the beams, the workers found a package, inside which there were photographs. Samarina spoke about the high value of the find. Experts are still conducting an examination, but they already say with full confidence that the find is genuine photographs. Nobody has seen such pictures before, they have not been exhibited or printed anywhere. There is no doubt that the photographs have become more years old.

Two of the found pictures show the Life Cossack Anatoly Fedyushkim. This was told by the historian, local historian Roman Nutrikhin. He suggested that all the photographs and photo cards found belonged to him. This Cossack took part in the First World War. When in 1918 he joined the Cossacks of the North Caucasus, he could hide the photographs under the roof of the mansion.

At the moment, search engines want to find specialists who can carry out the restoration of images. This is necessary for their further preservation. It is planned to carry out identification of all who are depicted in photographs and photo postcards.

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