A man with a screwdriver ruins a painting by Gainsborough in a London gallery
A man with a screwdriver ruins a painting by Gainsborough in a London gallery
A man with a screwdriver ruins a painting by Gainsborough in a London gallery

On March 19, the media reported that a painting on display at the London National Gallery, entitled "Morning Walk," painted in 1785 by the English painter Thomas Gainsborough, had been damaged by an unknown person. The vandalism was carried out with a screwdriver.

As it turned out, the incident itself occurred a day before the information appeared in the media. The unknown was detained by the joint actions of the gallery visitors and its employees. However, even before that, he managed to cut the canvas in two places with a screwdriver. Almost immediately, the neutralized man was taken away by the police and placed in custody until all the circumstances were clarified.

According to some publications, an unknown person in the gallery shouted that he had a bomb with him. Immediately after the event, the painting left the exhibition so that experts could assess the damage caused to the canvas in a calm atmosphere and understand how much the reconstruction of the painting would cost.

Thomas Gainsborough is one of the most famous English painters who lived and worked in the 18th century. As a child, he showed interest in drawing and sculpting animal figurines. At the age of 13, he left his parental home and went to London. He is known to society as a make-up artist, graphic artist, portraitist and painter. He was one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Great Britain. The painting called "Morning Walk", or as it is often called "The Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Hallett", is one of the most famous works of the artist. It has been kept within the walls of the London National Gallery since 1954. On the canvas, the English artist captured a young couple walking with a dog through the forest. While writing this canvas, the artist managed to find new artistic techniques that would make it possible to make the fusion of people with nature natural.

Gainsborough's painting was featured in the movie 007: Skyfall Coordinates. It is part of the background for an episode of Ben Whishaw's conversation with Daniel Craig. An act of vandalism by an unknown person with a screwdriver was carried out exactly in this place.

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