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6 wives of famous people who took up the pen and wrote real bestsellers
6 wives of famous people who took up the pen and wrote real bestsellers

Not all women who married famous men are satisfied with the status of a star's wife. Many of them are trying to be realized in different areas. Some create their own clothing lines, others open restaurants, and still others take up the pen. What do former and current wives of stars write books about, and are their works popular?

Irina Umnova, wife of Fyodor Konyukhov

Irina Umnova and Fyodor Konyukhov

Irina Umnova became not only the wife of the famous traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, but also his first assistant in all endeavors. She always and in everything supports her husband, therefore several books of the traveler himself were written in tandem with his wife.

Irina Umnova

Her first book, published back in 1998, was Three Hundred Years and Three Years of Life, written at the request of her husband at a time when he went on a difficult trip around the world. Later, their joint works were also published, for which the couple received a literary prize and became part of the Writers' Union.

Irina Umnova, "My Life with a Traveler."

"My Life with a Traveler" is a book by Irina Umnova, in which her personal diaries are systematized. The book, which contains 22 years of life, describes the joint travels of the spouses, as well as the days when Irina faithfully waited for her husband during his long travels. This book may well be called a part of a trilogy, the first book of which "The Heart of the Lord" is dedicated to parents, the second - to the author's generation, and the third "Garden of Virtue" - to children.

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Sati Spivakova, wife of Vladimir Spivakov

Sati and Vladimir Spivakov

The actress and presenter, the wife of the famous conductor, is an interesting and versatile personality. Therefore, he strives to develop in different directions, including in literature.

Sati Spivakova, "Not Everything."

As the host of several programs on the Kultura channel, Sati Spivakova met with many interesting people: musicians, actors. Politicians, singers. Trying to preserve invaluable memories of meetings with great people, Sati Spivakova in 2002 published her book "Not everything", in which she described not only the meetings, but also her personal impressions of her brilliant interlocutors.

Irina Borisova, ex-wife of Viktor Chaika (Sigala)

Irina Borisova

Irina Borisova has been married to a famous pop composer for over 20 years. She published the book under the pseudonym Nora Filippova and called it "Nezhena". It is quite natural that autobiographical motives are traced in the book, since the novel tells the story of a forty-year-old woman who is having difficulty going through a divorce from her musician husband.

Nora Filippova, "Nezhena"

Due to the fact that the book was published only 7 years after the actual divorce of the spouses, it turned out to be quite fascinating, and a happy ending gives hope to every reader who is going through difficult times. There is in the author's bibliography one more book "Huntress under the constellation Mamba", which is a sequel to "Nezhena".

Alena Sterligova, wife of German Sterligov

Alena and German Sterligov with children

The wife of a famous Russian entrepreneur gave her book a very provocative title: "Broken husband … What I had to go through with German Sterligov." However, there are no scenes of beating or a description of the life of an unfortunate woman beaten by her husband in the book.

On the contrary, Alena Sterligova is trying to reveal to the readers her recipe for family happiness. However, not every modern woman will agree to live in complete submission to her husband and to fulfill unconditionally all his commands.

Alena Sterligova, "Beaten by my husband … What I had to go through with German Sterligov."

Alena describes in detail the way of life of her family, talks about raising five children, shares the secrets of home birth and recalls life with her husband at a time when they still lived in the city and did not bother to create their own "Sloboda".

The book, thanks to such an ambiguous title, is popular, but not everyone is able to read this work to the end.

Zhanna Levina-Martirosyan, wife of Garik Martirosyan

Zhanna Levina-Martirosyan and Garik Martirosyan

The wife of the famous comedian released her book "The Diary of the Comedian's Wife" in the fall of 2018. The author does not hide that she was prompted to create a diary by none other than her own psychotherapist. He advised the woman not to keep her feelings to herself, but to try to keep a diary. This lesson fascinated Jeanne so much that she went even further and decided to publish her diary.

Zhanna Levina-Martirosyan, The Diary of the Comedian's Wife

In the annotation to the publication, Zhanna Levina-Martirosyan promises that the reader will not be bored. On the contrary, the author promises everyone a charge of positive and good mood. At the same time, all proceeds from the sale will be directed through the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation to help children with brain diseases.

Natalia Krasko (Shevel), ex-wife of Ivan Krasko

Natalia and Ivan Krasko

The ex-wife of Ivan Krasko, Natalya, has been writing poetry for many years and even publishing her own collections. The first one, entitled “Beginning”, was published when Natalia Shevel was still a student, the second “We just don't know how to love yet” was published in 2017. At present, the girl is preparing her third collection of poetry for publication. According to the author, she always secured the approval of her star husband before submitting her poems to print. However, her husband will not read the third collection before publication.

History knows many cases when a woman confidently goes to her goal. She cannot be hindered by any external stimuli and circumstances. But after all, not every representative of the fair sex has the qualities of a superhero. We invite you to get acquainted with the books written by women for women. They inspire not with general phrases and words, but with a living example of a person who managed to find his own path to fulfilling a dream.

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