In the shadow of her sister and father: How was the fate of Marianna Vertinskaya
In the shadow of her sister and father: How was the fate of Marianna Vertinskaya
Sisters Vertinsky

Both daughters of the famous chansonnier Alexander Vertinsky God endowed with extraordinary talent, beauty and charm, both became actresses, both won the hearts of the most brilliant men of their time. Anastasia and Marianna Vertinsky compared all life and, as a rule, this comparison has always been in favor of the younger sister - the unique Assol, Gutierre and Ophelia. Although the creative destiny of Marianne was no less successful, Anastasia was always called a star. The sisters were credited with non-existent competition and jealousy, although their relationship was really difficult all their lives.

Marianna with her parents - Alexander and Lydia Vertinsky Sisters in childhood

Marianna was the eldest daughter of Alexander and Lydia Vertinsky, but Anastasia was only a year younger. Both daughters were adored by their father, but from childhood a struggle was fought between them for his attention. Anastasia later said: "".

Alexander Vertinsky and his beloved daughters Sisters in childhood Marianne and her famous father

Anastasia Vertinskaya began acting in films at the age of 15, and her very first roles brought her all-Union popularity. Assol from Scarlet Sails, Gutiere from Amphibian Man, Ophelia from Hamlet became her finest hour. Marianna Vertinskaya also chose the acting path. She graduated from the Shchukin School and entered the service at the Theater. Vakhtangov, but for a long time she was not offered the main roles. She first appeared on the screen at the age of 18, and a year later she played one of the main roles in the film by Marlen Khutsiev “I’m twenty years old” (“Ilyich's Outpost”). Her partners on the set were Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Konchalovsky, who played cameo roles in this film.

Actress Marianna Vertinskaya Marianna Vertinskaya in the film Leap Year, 1961 One of the most beautiful actresses in Soviet cinema

In the future, Marianna Vertinskaya's film career developed very successfully: she was remembered by the audience for her roles in the films Seven Brides of Corporal Zbruev, The End of the Lyubavins, Captain Nemo, Death Under Sail, Dialogue with Continuation, etc. However, the same memorable and popularly loved works, like her sister's, she still did not have. They continued to be compared, although after the death of their father, the competition between the sisters was no longer the same.

Actress Marianna Vertinskaya, 1987 Still from the film I'm twenty years old (Zastava Ilyich), 1962-1964 Sisters Vertinsky Sisters Vertinsky

Both Vertinsky sisters were named among the most beautiful Soviet actresses. They easily conquered men's hearts, but there was no competition and jealousy between them - both the older sister and the younger sister had enough fans. "", Says Marianne.

Marianna Vertinskaya in the film City of Masters, 1965 Actress Marianna Vertinskaya One of the most beautiful actresses in Soviet cinema

At one time, directors Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Konchalovsky, artist Lev Zbarsky were in love with her. Marianne was officially married three times. Her first choice was the architect Ilya Bylinkin, to whom she gave birth to a daughter, Alexandra. Then Vertinskaya married actor Boris Khmelnitsky, but this marriage did not last long. After the divorce, their daughter Dasha remained with her father and for many years could not forgive her mother for leaving her. For the third time, the actress married the Yugoslav businessman Zoran Kazimirovich, who was 9 years younger than her. This marriage also broke up, and she never married again. The actress admits: "".

Sisters Vertinsky Still from the film Seven Brides of Corporal Zbruev, 1970

Marianna has not appeared on the stage for a long time, and the last film with her participation was released in 2007. She explains her unwillingness to continue her acting career as follows: “”. She never treated her film career with due zeal, otherwise, according to her colleagues, she could become much more famous. But fame as such was not an end in itself for her.

One of the most beautiful actresses in Soviet cinema Marianna Vertinskaya in Captain Nemo, 1975

The press often wrote that her fate was not very successful due to the fact that all her life she remained in the shadow of famous relatives, and their fame was a heavy burden for her. This statement can hardly be considered fair, and the actress herself denies this. She is completely satisfied with what she has today and does not regret the lost chances, since she believes that her sister has always been more purposeful in the profession. The sisters still have a difficult relationship - they often quarrel and sometimes do not speak for several months, although they do not get tired of repeating that they are the closest and most beloved people to each other.

Marianna Vertinskaya Actress Marianna Vertinskaya

Anastasia Vertinskaya also at one time decided to leave the cinema: fears and addictions of "Vivien Leigh of the Soviet screen".

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