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Whitney Houston's Secret Romance: Why the Famous Singer Was Forced to Hide Her True Feelings
Whitney Houston's Secret Romance: Why the Famous Singer Was Forced to Hide Her True Feelings

She was incredibly talented and very unhappy. Whitney Houston, the singer who conquered the world, whose voice made the hearts of fans beat faster. She was a star of the first magnitude, the whole world lay at her feet. The singer's life could have turned out differently if she had not once given up her love, following the lead of public opinion and accepted moral norms. Unfortunately, history does not know the subjunctive mood.

Romance of youth

Whitney Houston

They were young, energetic and beautiful, two girls who worked in a community center in East Orange, New Jersey. Whitney Houston, 17, and Robin Crawford, 19, immediately felt sympathy for each other and became friends very quickly. But later it turned out that their relationship went beyond friendship. It was a youthful crush that grew into physical attraction.

The girls became close and at first did not even think about the sinfulness or viciousness of their relationship. Once, Robin heard Whitney singing in a Baptist church and realized that a truly great future awaited her friend. But then she could not even imagine that it was this future that would become the reason for their separation.

Whitney Houston and Robin Crawford

For two years they were together, trying not to pay attention to the condemnation from the singer's mother, who endlessly repeated to her daughter about the abnormality of her relationship with a woman. Whitney and Robin were very close. It did not occur to them either to advertise their connection, or to hide it. The girls enjoyed the opportunity to share everything, support and help in everything.

Whitney Houston and Robin Crawford

The physical component of their relationship was far from the main one. They did everything together, good and bad. And Whitney Houston first tried drugs in the company of her friend, and not following the example of her husband Bobby Brown. The girlfriends have developed special rules that would help them not to become addicted to drugs. But Whitney Houston constantly violated them. Especially when I began to study music professionally.

Just friends

Whitney Houston

In 1982, Whitney Houston signed her first contract with Arista Records. And soon she came to Robin Crawford and said that they could no longer be together. Their friendship will continue, but the romantic relationship must end.

Whitney gave her friend a Bible and asked her to understand: a relationship between two women that goes beyond friendship will create difficulties on her path to success. They should also stop because the continuation of this connection will certainly lead them to hell.

Whitney Houston and Robin Crawford

Whitney became more and more popular, while remaining a good-natured and simple girl, although the producers did their best to create an image of an "American princess" for Houston. She rarely gave interviews and listened to advice.

She went on tour in 1985 without Robin and missed her desperately. Not because she craved intimacy, she missed the opportunity to talk about everything with her friend, share secrets, see understanding from a loved one. Then a ticket was bought for a friend, which later became the basis for accusing Whitney of gay. But by that time, the girls were already just friends. Nevertheless, Whitney and Robin had to make excuses and refute the rumors and accusations.

Whitney Houston and Robin Crawford

The image of the "American princess" did not allow the appearance of any dubious facts in the biography of the rising star. Houston began to appear in the society of Eddie Murphy, after which they began to attribute an affair with Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine. And she married Bobby Brown, whom she met in 1989 during the presentation of the music award. "Bad guy" could well balance the too correct image of the singer.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

Three years later, she became his wife. But her marriage could never be called happy. Drugs, which she met while still in Robin's company, during their life together with Bobby turned into a real addiction. Crawford was sure that her husband was also beating his wife. But she was silent and did not interfere.

Robin Crawford has been with her friend over the years. She accompanied her on trips, took the singer's favorite delicacies with her and watched with excitement what a bright girl like Whitney was transforming her life into. In 2000, Robin stopped working for the singer, but for many years she remained silent about her close friend.

Unexpected revelations

Robin Crawford and Whitney Houston

Seven years after the death of Whitney Houston, Robin Crawford published a book of memoirs dedicated to her friend “A Song for You. My life with Whitney Houston. " She considered it necessary to dispel many myths about a loved one and open the veil of secrecy over their relationship. Moreover, it is now impossible to harm the reputation of the singer.

In particular, Robin talked about their two-year romantic relationship and about the abandonment of her friend for a career. She assured that after the singer gave her the Bible, there was no more physical intimacy between her friends.

Robin Crawford

And she debunked the myth that Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a child by a relative. The two friends had a very close relationship, especially during the time when they lived together. If something like this happened to Houston, her friend would certainly know about it.

Whitney Houston

With her memoirs, Robin Crawford wanted to make society remember not the circumstances of the death of the talented singer, but what a generous, open and sincere person she was. So that people can enjoy Whitney Houston's creative heritage and listen to amazing songs performed by her.

The premature departure of Whitney Houston at the 49th year of life under tragic and mysterious circumstances was a shock for millions of fans. A beautiful, successful, rich, in-demand, famous singer in recent years, it seemed, did everything herself to bring the tragic denouement closer. And three years later, her only daughter repeated the fate of the singer …

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