Uncomfortable world: creepy paintings by Nathaniel Rogers
Uncomfortable world: creepy paintings by Nathaniel Rogers
Uncomfortable world: eerie paintings by Nathaniel Rogers

American artist Nathaniel Rogers is a man who sees the world in a dark light. Although this does not mean that his eerie paintings must necessarily be in black and white. Gone are the days when atrocities were committed under the cover of night darkness. Nowadays, noir-style entourage is not required at all. You can cut the tails of blind mice even in daylight - this makes it even more creepy.

Uncomfortable world: blind mice and people

Nathaniel Rogers was born in Charlottesville, studied painting at Davidson, and later - in Baltimore (where he settled after graduating from the College of Art at the Maryland Institute). Now the artist is engaged in teaching drawing from life at the alma mater and taking his eerie canvases to American and international exhibitions.

Puppets: eerie paintings by Nathaniel Rogers

An unhealthy atmosphere reigns in the paintings of Nathaniel Rogers. The artist is interested in the dark side of humanity, strange episodes from the life of people and eerie plots. Painters rarely depict an uncomfortable world in which the strong threaten the weak, and they are weak-willed like puppets (another motive of Nathaniel Rogers' work).

Halloween: Spooky Paintings by Nathaniel Rogers

The horror of the situation lies in the fact that in the uncomfortable world of Nathaniel Rogers you can be either an armed tormentor or an unarmed victim, and the latter have nowhere to wait for help, let alone sympathy: they are not provided for by the rules of the cruel game.

Uncomfortable world: shooter for everyone who falls under the arm

The action in frightening works takes place during the day, but the sun's rays, which seem to be supposed to drive away the forces of evil - alas! - can't fix people. Bad inclinations live in each of us, the artist notes, although not everyone gets them from the subconscious into the light of day. A series of drawings by Nathaniel Rogers is a reminder of the dark, nocturnal side of life in bright daylight.

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