People turn into brands
People turn into brands

An entry appeared in the blogs on which you can see a huge heart with the inscription 4G in the center. This figure was formed by 700 living people. It soon became clear that all of them were employees of the St. Petersburg office of the wireless Internet operator Yota. At the appointed time, the team of workers unexpectedly lined up in the form of their company logo, jumped up and scattered in different directions.

Such promotions cannot be carried out spontaneously. Each employee had to know in advance his place in the general pattern. The marketing department, which prepared the flash mob, provided people with schemes in advance and even arranged several rehearsals. The outline of the heart was also drawn in the snow.

Yota relied on global experience. This creative was not invented by advertisers at all, but by the military. The German infantry in the thirties was built in the form of a portrait of Hitler. The US Marine Corps folded its coat of arms and the Statue of Liberty from the personnel.

It is quite understandable why it was the generals who first began to get carried away with this unusual art: vast human resources are concentrated in their hands, which obediently obey them. Later, the heads of large corporations also began to play soldiers.

It is quite common practice in the global advertising business to draw a "living" brand on the ground or even write the name of a company in the sky by parachutists.

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