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How Sergei Shnur's wives influenced the fate of an eccentric singer and poet
How Sergei Shnur's wives influenced the fate of an eccentric singer and poet

It would be at least wrong if a person like Sergei Shnurov did not show himself extraordinary and demanding in his personal life. Now he lives with his fifth wife and a new stage has begun in his life, he suddenly became a deputy and he became interested in politics not only as a topic for his work. Could it be that his fifth wife encouraged him to make such changes as “wife # 4” once awakened an entrepreneurial streak in him? How strongly do women influence a rude and ambiguous musician?

Number one wife. Maria Ismagilova

The former spouses have almost no joint photos

With his first wife, who, in the opinion of connoisseurs of folklore, is given from God, Sergei met at the religious and philosophical institute at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Both of them were students of this educational institution. Shnurov, with his characteristic impulsiveness, fell in love without memory, made a proposal to his beloved and already at the age of 20 became a father for the first time - a girl named Seraphima was born in the family. Sergei, as befits a young but father of a family, tried to support his family, for this he dropped out of school and music. Later, the musician will say that he owes his life to his daughter, because if it were not for her, it would hardly have taken him away from gatherings with friends, who by that time had moved from anasha to something stronger, and many of them are no longer alive … Shnurov tried to be a good father.

Shnurov tried to be a good father

But nature took its toll, and the music filled the young father all the time. The wife was not delighted with the endless meetings with the musicians from the group, nor with the music itself that the husband created. The texts to her, serious and correct, seemed meaningless and stupid, and even with profanity. Their marriage lasted 4 years from 1992 to 1996, Maria filed for divorce, because she was tired of waiting for her husband to make his choice in favor of the family, not music. Now we see that it was not in vain that she did it, since the only love of Cord was and remains only music. After the divorce, Maria did not encourage communication between father and daughter, and Sergei himself plunged headlong into a new, freer life. Maria did not forgive him even when he became famous, popular and rich, she does not communicate with the press and does not give interviews, it is only known that everything is in order with her personal life. The daughter of Seraphim, after she herself became a mother, resumed communication with her father on her own. So Shnurov is not just a father, but also a grandpa. Despite the grievances left after this union, the daughter of Seraphim is not the only achievement of the marriage of Sergei and Maria. It was with her that he learned to be a father, appreciate family warmth (at least, strive for it throughout his life) and grew up as a person, becoming not a "boy, but a husband."

Wife number two. Svetlana Kostitsina

From his second marriage, Shnurov had a son, Apollo

In his second marriage, Sergei tried to take into account the mistakes of the first one to the maximum and prevent them. Because the wife was from a musical get-together, moreover, she was promoting the St. Petersburg group "Pe-psi". Unlike Maria, Svetlana was delighted with Shnur's creativity and even agreed to be the manager of the Leningrad group, which was only officially formed at that time. It is worth noting that this was not an easy task, because not everyone was enthusiastic about such a defiant repertoire and manner of performance.The group's performances were even banned in the capital, but Kostitsina then managed to get permission and the concert took place. Fees were slowly creeping up.

The musician maintains a relationship with his son

But even the creative union could not stand the test of time, and, despite the fact that they had a son, Apollo, after three years of marriage, the couple officially terminated the relationship. The reason for the discord is again called the fact that the musician is a non-family person and even to his wife from the same creative environment, it is difficult to accept the fact that the husband belongs to everyone at once, and practically does not devote time to the family. According to another version, Cord began to cheat on his official wife and became carried away by another girl, but more about her below. Even after the divorce, they were able to maintain warm relations and had mutual financial relations for a long time, since it was Svetlana who was listed as the founder of Shnur LLC, which has all rights to the artist's creative projects. Communication with his son was also not interrupted, the musician maintains a relationship with his ex-wife, despite the fact that she permanently resides in Spain. It was in alliance with Svetlana that the formation of the Shnur-artist, whom we know now, began, he realized that music is not just his hobby, but a vocation (after all, his group used to be something that distracted from work), which can also generate income … With her, fame came to him, albeit in the form of an alcoholic and a bum.

Wife number three (civil). Oksana Akinshina

The age difference in this relationship frightened, perhaps, Oksana's parents

The most scandalous relationship of Sergei, moreover, the loudest and most memorable. He met young Oksana on the set of the film "Games of Moths" and, despite the fact that she was still in the 10th grade, and he was already an eminent (and, by the way, a 30-year-old) musician, their feelings were overwhelmed … He accompanied her to school and, not embarrassed by those around him, kissed her goodbye, and explosive Oksana reacted to comments, they say, if it were not for Cord, she would not have come to school at all. Even now, when everyone has their own life, the actress admits that Sergei is the person who most strongly influenced her worldview and value system. He spoke to her on several occasions about the importance of education.

Their feelings were too intense to last long

Almost immediately, they began to live together and even got a dog, calling it an indecent nickname. By the way, it was at that time that Sergey was divorcing his official wife, and jealous Oksana, for whom this was the first relationship, made scandal after scandal, unable to cope with her own jealousy. At some point, Shnurov got tired of making excuses and they parted, right on the phone. Now that they are both successful and famous people, they fondly remember this period and still maintain friendly relations. Oksana assures that there is a kind of cosmic connection between them and she always feels Sergei's state, even when she is tens of thousands of kilometers away from him. Oksana became the culmination of the image of Cord the brawler, spitting on the foundations and, perhaps, so far this is his only relationship in which he was a leading, not a driven partner.

Wife number four. Matilda Shnurova

For Elena, this marriage was like a business project, she even came up with a pseudonym for herself

It would be wrong to say that it was Elena Mozgovaya (the real name of Matilda) who completely sculpted the current Cord: an intelligent, respectable, well-dressed, rich and respected person. But the fact that it was with her that he tied with the image of a drunk and a bum is a fact. It was with her that he stopped kissing the bottle and became a respectable man with actively developing business projects. A former ballerina, she knew exactly how to hold in her hands not only herself, but also her man. With her, he began to monitor his figure and nutrition, take more care of his health, and even look better.

A rare photo from the Shnurovs wedding

Considering that the former eccentricity and wit of Cord did not disappear anywhere, the number of women around the musician only increased. But for many years the couple gave the impression of happy people, Sergei dedicated poems to her, wrote touching (in his own spirit, of course) comments under her photo.And Matilda herself, with an outstanding appearance, looked great next to the musician. However, Matilda was extremely interested in the financial issue, she supported her husband's musical creativity, helping to develop Leningrad not only as a creative, but also a financial project, and actively invested in other business ideas. Together they worked in a restaurant, and she also had a ballet school.

In this relationship, Matilda rather allows herself to be loved

Despite the fact that the couple stayed together for a long time, they did not have joint children. To frequent questions about the heirs, Matilda replied that it is not appropriate for them, owners of only 250 square meters, to talk about children, so when there will be 500, then maybe. But it didn't happen. The couple divorced loudly, and, despite the fact that Cord tried to somehow maintain the relationship, Matilda left, they say that she found a more respectable man-project.

Wife number five. Olga Abramova

Shnurov did not stay as bachelors for long

The musician hastened to tie the knot 5 months after breaking up with Matilda. And although he emphasizes that the relationship with his former wife is over and he does not feel anything for her, such haste could not but surprise the fans. According to the official version announced to the press, Olga herself made an offer to Shnurov. Olga Abramova is also an interesting person. What does she do? Yes, in fact, nothing. She is the daughter of a billionaire, received a good education, managed to undergo treatment for addictions, and this is perhaps all you need to know about her. Despite the fact that marriage with Olga caused a skeptical smile from the majority, the spouses live and do not advertise their relationship, Olga only occasionally appears on Shnurov's instagram. But it was with her that he suddenly decided to try himself in a new role - he got into politics. Yes, and his poems have lost their former sharpness and ardor, despite this Sergey is still active on the Internet and not a single significant event is complete without his post on Instagram, fans write that he looks like a talent who has lost his muse.

Now Sergey Shnurov is also a deputy

Despite the seeming brutality and steadfastness, Shnurov's nature is vulnerable, like any creative person. Desperate for love and attention, he, despite the fact that he quickly flares up and quickly burns out, and he himself is ready to shower the object of his passion with attention and gifts. Most of the fans are sure that the list of "main women" in Cord's life will continue to grow and who knows what the next one will bring. In the meantime, in the spirit of the times, he is arguing within the limits of instagram, recently promised to send Prigogine and Valeria sausages when they complained about the decline in income during the pandemic.

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