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Wayward Prince Haakon: Pride and Future Ruler of Norway
Wayward Prince Haakon: Pride and Future Ruler of Norway

It seems that the British Prince Harry managed to become a symbol of obstinacy and unwillingness to obey the rules. But the Norwegian prince Haakon surpassed the British prince in all respects. He boldly breaks down stereotypes, acts as he sees fit, and at the same time is the pride and hope of Norway. It is worth noting that Prince Haakon ranks first in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne.

Just a prince

Princess Sonya with her son on her knees, Prince Harald, King Olaf V

Prince Haakon was born in 1973, and his parents raised their son as an ordinary child. Numerous nannies, governors and teachers were not hired for him. The kindergarten, and then the school and the Christian Gymnasium, where the prince studied, were the most common.

Prince Haakon as a child

It was assumed that Prince Haakon, after graduating from the Naval Academy and serving in the navy, would go to Oxford, just like his father. However, he again did his own thing and went to continue his education at the Berkeley Institute in California. The Bachelor's degree in Political Science is the best proof that the prince has chosen the right path.

Marry for love

Prince Haakon

The prince's desire to marry an ordinary girl, whom he met in the late 1990s during the Kristiansand Music Festival, was understandable. The prince managed to see in a simple waitress not only her modest, discreet beauty, but also a kind heart, docile character and extraordinary mindset.

Mette-Marit Tiessem Høyby in his youth

Despite the fact that the prince's parents were quite democratic people, even they were very wary of the choice of their son. It was not at all the origin of Mette-Marit. Harald V also married a simple girl at one time. Queen Sonya did not belong to an aristocratic family, and in his youth the king had to wait for nine years for permission to marry the girl he loved. But at the same time, Sonya had an impeccable reputation.

In the case of Mette-Marit, the situation was somewhat more complicated. The thing is that she alone raised a child who was born as a result of an affair with a drug dealer.

Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit with their son Marius on their wedding day

Rebellious youth, an environment in which drugs could be purchased almost at every corner, discrediting a relationship with a criminal - all this did not correspond to the level of the future princess. Prince Haakon was popularly loved, but his choice caused unnecessary unrest in society, and the prince himself was adamant. For some time, he had to prove his right to marry for love, as well as the right of his future wife to respect and recognition.

Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit on their wedding day

On December 1, 2000, the engagement of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit Tiessem Huyby was officially announced, and they were married in August 2001. Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus, born in marriage, became heirs of the second and third line of succession, respectively The Crown Prince adopted the son of his wife. Marius did not have any right to the throne, but fulfilled all the social duties of a member of the royal family, until he himself decided to relinquish them.

Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit with children

The marriage of Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit turned out to be extremely successful: the spouses even today do not hide the fact that they are still in love with each other, almost with the same fervor as at the beginning of their acquaintance.

Charming joker and planetary protector

Prince Haakon

Prince Haakon is known for his many hobbies.He goes in for sports, is passionate about hang gliding, enjoys driving a yacht and will never give up the opportunity to participate in ski races.

In addition, the prince and his wife can often be found at the theater, as he loves this art form and always watches performances based on Henrik Ibsen with special feelings. The prince is one of the few representatives of the royal families who seriously care about the environment. The prince's family managed to almost completely get rid of plastic, their palace receives energy from solar panels, and Haakon himself moves exclusively in an electric car.

Prince Haakon

And, for sure, all over the world it is impossible to find an adult heir to the first line throne, who could arrange a dance on the balcony during the celebration of the parents' anniversary, from where the royal family greeted the subjects. At a time when everyone behaved like monarchs, Prince Haakon began to perform a funny dance, and then involved his wife and children in this action. The king and queen could only smile in amazement.

However, at the banquet, he was able to surprise his parents even more when he disappeared for a while and returned clean-shaven, without his usual elegant beard. To the surprised questions, he smiled absolutely charmingly and replied that he wanted to amuse his parents in this way.

Prince Haakon

Ordinary Norwegians are very fond of the crown prince for his simplicity and lack of stiffness. He gathers a football team and arranges family friendly matches, rests with his family not in elite hotels behind a high fence, but, for example, in Ibiza, where he calmly sunbathes on the beach on a towel.

Already, no one doubts that Crown Prince Haakon will be an excellent king when the time comes for him to take the throne.

Prince Haakon's parents went through incredible trials to become a family. Their morganatic marriage was not only an example of love and devotion, but also an example of tremendous spiritual harmony, thanks to which For half a century, Sonya and Harald have been celebrating the birth of their union as one date - three months after his birthday and four months earlier.

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