Princess Budur in and behind the scenes: How was the fate of the main character of "Aladdin's Magic Lamp"
Princess Budur in and behind the scenes: How was the fate of the main character of "Aladdin's Magic Lamp"
Georgian actress and teacher Dodo Chogovadze

More than one generation of spectators has grown up on the movie fairy tale "Aladdin's Magic Lamp", for sure many of them still remember the main character, Princess Budur, who was distinguished by her refined and refined beauty. But the name of the actress who performed this role is hardly known to the general public, because there were only 3 roles in her filmography! At the age of 30, Dodo Chogovadze played her last role and disappeared from the screens forever. What happened to her after that, how she looks and what she does these days - further in the review.

Dodo Chogovadze as Princess Budur

Dodo Chogovadze's mother was Russian, and her father was Georgian. She was born in Tbilisi in 1951. Since childhood, she was very fragile and graceful, she studied at a choreographic school, where once the assistant director of the Tbilisi Film Studio drew attention to her and invited her to audition for the main role in the film "Little Knights". So her film career began.

The role of Bela instead of Dodo Chogovadze was performed by Sylvia Berova

Her next role could be Bela in the film adaptation of Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time. The film's director Stanislav Rostotsky saw photographs of a young Georgian beauty in a file cabinet and invited her to Moscow. Chogovadze's partner on the set was supposed to be Vladimir Ivashov. Together with her mother, Dodo came to audition, and she was almost approved, but then the director found out that the girl was only 13 years old, and she was to play in love scenes! Rostotsky grabbed his head: "". And he had to abandon the decision to shoot Dodo in this role and replace her with 20-year-old actress Sylvia Berova.

Dodo Chogovadze and director of the film Aladdin's Magic Lamp Boris Rytsarev

Of course, Chogovadze was very worried about this refusal, and when she was offered the next role a year later - Princess Budur in Aladdin's Magic Lamp, she hid her real age, adding one more year to herself. True, in this film, love scenes were not foreseen - only one innocent kiss. However, the director Boris Rytsarev had to spend a lot of time to explain to the young actress how to do it. Later Chogovadze recalled with a smile: "".

Dodo Chogovadze in the movie Aladdin's Magic Lamp, 1966 Shot from the movie Aladdin's Magic Lamp, 1966

The role of Aladdin was played by 20-year-old Boris Bystrov. About how they played joint scenes with Dodo Chogovadze, he told: "".

Shot from the movie Aladdin's Magic Lamp, 1966 Dodo Chogovadze in the movie Aladdin's Magic Lamp, 1966

The girl could not keep her secret for a long time: during the filming she turned 15 years old, and the whole group amicably congratulated her on her 16th birthday. In the midst of the celebration, she suddenly burst into tears and ran away. And when she was found and returned, she admitted that she had added herself an extra year, which caused a fit of laughter from the entire film crew. This was not the only time the young actress had to cry - there were more than enough experiences on the set. Chogovadze recalled: "".

Dodo Chogovadze in the movie Aladdin's Magic Lamp, 1966 Shot from the movie Aladdin's Magic Lamp, 1966

During filming, Dodo Chogovadze had her first love. But she fell in love not with the handsome Aladdin performed by Boris Bystrov, but with the cameraman Konstantin Zagorsky. Secretly from everyone, she tried to run to him on dates, but her mother strictly followed her - since the girl was underage, her mother came with her as a member of the film crew.

Dodo Chogovadze as Princess Budur Dodo Chogovadze still keeps his photos from filming in Aladdin's Magic Lamp

After the release of the film, Dodo Chogovadze became incredibly popular. In 1967, her portrait was featured on the cover of the Soviet Screen magazine. Later she said: "". Boris Rytsarev planned to continue working with the young actress - the scripts of the films "The Little Mermaid" and "Aelita" were written especially for her.But the scriptwriter Alexander Chervinsky was imprisoned for political reasons, and the filming of these films was canceled.

Dodo Chogovadze in the film Night Witches in the Sky, 1981 Scene from the film In the Sky Night Witches, 1981

Dodo returned to Georgia and after graduating from the Tbilisi Theater Institute at the age of 23 she married musician and singer David Shushanin, they had a daughter. However, due to the fact that the husband saw his wife exclusively in the role of a housewife, their marriage broke up. Her film career also did not work out - after "Aladdin's Magic Lamp" she played only one film - "Night Witches in the Sky". At that time, she was 30 years old, and after that Chogovadze no longer appeared on the screens - only sometimes she appeared in commercials in Tbilisi.

Dodo Chogovadze today Dodo Chogovadze today

Today, 68-year-old Dodo Chogovadze still lives in Tbilisi, teaches rhythm at the Department of Scenic Movement of the Tbilisi Theater University, and gives private lessons. But dreams of a big movie still do not leave her - she admits that she would gladly star in Andrei Konchalovsky's. True, Chogovadze is rare in Russia, and she has not received any proposals from directors for a long time …

Dodo Chogovadze and her most famous film character - Princess Budur

And for millions of viewers, she will forever remain one of the the most beautiful princesses of Soviet cinema.

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